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مرمّت : Marammat Meaning in English

Marammat Sentences

Marammat Synonyms


Marammat in Detail

1) مرمت : Fix Fixing Fixture Mend Mending Repair Reparation : (noun) the act of putting something in working order again.

Useful Words

خراب : Broken-Down , تیاری : Preparation , خراب : Broken , محفوظ رکھنا : Care , ہرجانہ : Compensation , تھائیو سلفیٹ کا سوڈا : Hypo , سودا : Bargain , مکینک : Tinker , کموڈ : Can , شاور : Shower , صابن دانی : Soap Dish , مردوں کی پیشاب گاہ : Urinal , فانوس : Chandelier , سنک : Sink , ایک چیز کو دوسرے میں ڈالنے کا عمل : Insertion , رکھنے کا عمل : Emplacement , فٹنگ کا لباس پہن کر دیکھنا کے وہ فٹ ہیں یا نہیں : Fitting , گالف کھیلنے کا بلا : Putter , التوا : Deferment , اطلاق : Application , غلط تعبیر : Misinterpretation , پیوند لگانا : Patch , کھمبے سے باندھ کر سزا دینا : Pillory , لکھائی : Committal To Writing , تیاری : Militarisation , جوڑنا : Assemble , آنکھیں نکال دینا : Blind , تبادلہ : Commutation , تعیناتی : Appointment , ترتیب : Order , سزائے موت : Capital Punishment

Useful Words Definitions

Broken-Down: not in working order.

Preparation: the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose.

Broken: out of working order (`busted` is an informal substitute for `broken`).

Care: activity involved in maintaining something in good working order.

Compensation: something (such as money) given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury).

Hypo: a compound used as a fixing agent in photographic developing.

Bargain: an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each.

Tinker: a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts.

Can: a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination.

Shower: a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you.

Soap Dish: a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap.

Urinal: a plumbing fixture (usually attached to the wall) used by men to urinate.

Chandelier: branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling.

Sink: plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe.

Insertion: the act of putting one thing into another.

Emplacement: the act of putting something in a certain place.

Fitting: putting clothes on to see whether they fit.

Putter: a golfer who is putting.

Deferment: act of putting off to a future time.

Application: the action of putting something into operation.

Misinterpretation: putting the wrong interpretation on.

Patch: mend by putting a patch on.

Pillory: punish by putting in a pillory.

Committal To Writing: the activity of putting something in written form.

Militarisation: act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency:.

Assemble: create by putting components or members together.

Blind: make blind by putting the eyes out.

Commutation: the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another:.

Appointment: the act of putting a person into a non-elective position.

Order: the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement.

Capital Punishment: putting a condemned person to death.

Related Words

بہتری کا عمل : Improvement , رفوگری : Darning , بحالی کا عمل : Restoration , باز تعمیر : Reconstruction , بحالی : Restitution

Close Words

ٹھیک کرنا : Bushel , دوبارہ تصویر کو ٹھیک کرنا : Retouch , مرمت کرنے والا : Maintenance Man , مرمت کرنا : Renovate , مرمت کرنے والا : Fixer , مرمت کے قابل : Disrepair , مرمت کر کے نئے جیسا بنانا : Recap , مرمت کرنا : Cobble , مرمت کر کے نیا بنانا : Reface

Close Words Definitions

Bushel: restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken.

Retouch: alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance.

Maintenance Man: a skilled worker whose job is to repair things.

Renovate: restore to a previous or better condition.

Fixer: a skilled worker who mends or repairs things.

Disrepair: in need of repairs.

Recap: a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads.

Cobble: repair or mend.

Reface: provide with a new facing.

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