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Flesh meaning in Urdu

Flesh Sentences

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
Flesh of cow.

Flesh Synonyms


Flesh Definitions

1 of 3) Flesh, Anatomy, Bod, Build, Chassis, Figure, Form, Frame, Human Body, Material Body, Physical Body, Physique, Shape, Soma : جسم : (noun) alternative names for the body of a human being.

2 of 3) Flesh : گوشت, لحم : (noun) the soft tissue of the body of a vertebrate: mainly muscle tissue and fat.

3 of 3) Flesh, Pulp : پھلوں کا گودا : (noun) a soft moist part of a fruit.

Useful Words

Anthropophagy : آدم خوری , Cannibalise : آدم خوری کرنا , Anthropophagite : آدم خور , Anthropophagous : آدم خوری , Carnal : جسمانی , Acanthisittidae : نیوزی لینڈ کی چڑیا , Horseflesh : گھوڑے کا گوشت , Ingrowing : اندر کی طرف بڑھنے والا , Saltwater Fish : سمندر کی مچھلی کا گوشت , Chicken : مرغی کا گوشت , Fleshy : گوشت نما , Fish : مچھلی کا گوشت , Crab : کیکڑے کا گوشت , Incarnadine : خون رنگ , Capon : خصی مرغے کا گوشت , Carnassial : گوشت کاٹ ڈالنے والے دانت , Cannibalism : آدم خوری , Scrawniness : دبلا پن , Plaice : ایک یورپی سپاٹ مچھلی , Grouper : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Languish : مردہ دل ہونا , Whiting : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Carnivore : خشکی کے گوشت خور جانور , Bird : پرندے کا گوشت , Mackerel : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Carp : مچھلی کا گوشت , Lemon : لیموں , Trout : ٹراوٹ مچھلی , Cantaloup : سردا , Gray Mullet : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Meat : گوشت

Useful Words Definitions

Anthropophagy: human cannibalism; the eating of human flesh.

Cannibalise: eat human flesh.

Anthropophagite: a person who eats human flesh.

Anthropophagous: of or relating to eaters of human flesh.

Carnal: of or relating to the body or flesh.

Acanthisittidae: alternative names for the family comprising the New Zealand wrens.

Horseflesh: the flesh of horses as food.

Ingrowing: growing abnormally into the flesh.

Saltwater Fish: flesh of fish from the sea used as food.

Chicken: the flesh of a chicken used for food.

Fleshy: of or relating to or resembling flesh.

Fish: the flesh of fish used as food.

Crab: the edible flesh of any of various crabs.

Incarnadine: make flesh-colored.

Capon: flesh of a castrated male chicken.

Carnassial: (of a tooth) adapted for shearing flesh.

Cannibalism: the practice of eating the flesh of your own kind.

Scrawniness: the bodily property of lacking flesh.

Plaice: flesh of large European flatfish.

Grouper: flesh of a saltwater fish similar to sea bass.

Languish: lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief.

Whiting: flesh of a cod-like fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe.

Carnivore: a terrestrial or aquatic flesh-eating mammal.

Bird: the flesh of a bird or fowl (wild or domestic) used as food.

Mackerel: flesh of very important usually small (to 18 in) fatty Atlantic fish.

Carp: the lean flesh of a fish that is often farmed; can be baked or braised.

Lemon: yellow oval fruit with juicy acidic flesh.

Trout: flesh of any of several primarily freshwater game and food fishes.

Cantaloup: a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh.

Gray Mullet: highly valued lean flesh of marine or freshwater mullet.

Meat: the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , Homo : انسان , Body : جسم , Adult Body : بالغ جسم

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