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His leg muscle got pulled.

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1 of 2) Muscle, Musculus : پٹھا, عضو : (noun) one of the contractile organs of the body.

How long it takes to build muscle?

Related : Contractor : a bodily organ that contracts. Pronator : a muscle that produces or assists in pronation. Smooth Muscle : a muscle that contracts without conscious control and found in walls of internal organs such as stomach and intestine and bladder and blood vessels (excluding the heart).

2 of 2) Muscle, Brawn, Brawniness, Heftiness, Muscularity, Sinew : جسمانی مضبوطی : (noun) possessing muscular strength.

Related : Strength : the property of being physically or mentally strong.

Useful Words

Abdominal External Oblique Muscle, External Oblique Muscle, Musculus Obliquus Externus Abdominis, Oblique : پیٹ کا پٹھہ : a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso. "Oblique muscle pain".

Ab, Abdominal, Abdominal Muscle : پیٹ کے پٹھے : the muscles of the abdomen. "Abdominal pain".

Abducens Muscle, Lateral Rectus, Lateral Rectus Muscle, Rectus Lateralis : آنکھ کا پٹھہ : the ocular muscle whose contraction turns the eyeball outward.

Abductor, Abductor Muscle : عضو کو دور لے جانے والا پٹھہ : a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line.

Adductor, Adductor Muscle : مقربہ : a muscle that draws a body part toward the median line.

Cardiac Muscle, Heart Muscle : دل کے پٹھے : the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction.

Extensor, Extensor Muscle : ایسا عضلہ جو سکڑنے پر جسم کے کسی حصے کو سیدھا کرتا ہے : a skeletal muscle whose contraction extends or stretches a body part.

Flexor, Flexor Muscle : عضلہ جو سکڑنے پر کسی حصے کو جھکاتا ہے : a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint.

Involuntary Muscle, Smooth Muscle : ہموار عضلہ : a muscle that contracts without conscious control and found in walls of internal organs such as stomach and intestine and bladder and blood vessels (excluding the heart).

Bodybuilder, Muscle Builder, Muscle-Builder, Musclebuilder, Muscleman : تن ساز : someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature. "He is a muscle builder".

Anaerobic Exercise, Bodybuilding, Muscle Building, Musclebuilding : تن سازی : exercise that builds muscles through tension. "Bodybuilding is good for health".

Kinaesthesia, Kinaesthesis, Kinesthesia, Kinesthesis, Kinesthetics, Muscle Sense, Sense Of Movement : احساس عضلہ : the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body. "He said muscle sense".

Cramp, Muscle Spasm, Spasm : اینٹھن : a painful and involuntary muscular contraction. "While doing bodybuilding, Ali weighed more and his leg got cramped".

Muscle System, Muscular Structure, Musculature : نظام عضلات : the muscular system of an organism.

Musculus Scalenus, Scalene Muscle, Scalenus : گردن کا پٹھا : any of four pairs of muscles extending from the cervical vertebrae to the second rib; involved in moving the neck and in breathing.

Splenius, Splenius Muscle : گردن کے قریب ایک چوڑا چپٹا پٹھا : either of two flat muscles that extend from the upper vertebrae to the base of the skull and serve to rotate or flex or extend the head and neck.

Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus, Sternocleido Mastoideus, Sternocleidomastoid, Sternocleidomastoid Muscle : سٹریپ نما گردن کا عضلہ جو سٹرنم اور ہنسلی کی ہڈی سے نکل کر ٹمپورل ہڈی کے مسٹائڈ زائدہ میں لگا ہوتا ہے : one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; turns head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together they flex the neck and extend the head.

Pupil : پتلی : the contractile aperture in the center of the iris of the eye; resembles a large black dot.

Succinylcholine : مختصرالعمل عضلے کو آرام پہنچانے والا : a muscle relaxant for striated muscle that is used as an adjunct to anesthesia during certain surgical procedures.

Actomyosin : پرٹین کا مجموعہ : a protein complex in muscle fibers; composed of myosin and actin; shortens when stimulated and causes muscle contractions.

Relaxation : ڈھیلا ہونا : (physiology) the gradual lengthening of inactive muscle or muscle fibers.

Biceps : پٹھہ جس کے دو سرے ہوں : any skeletal muscle having two origins (but especially the muscle that flexes the forearm). "He has big biceps".

Isometric Exercise, Isometrics : ہم اندازہ ورزش : muscle-building exercises (or a system of musclebuilding exercises) involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contracts but the length of the muscle does not change).

Venter : پیٹ : a bulging body part (as the belly of a muscle).

Echography, Sonography, Ultrasonography, Ultrasound : بالاصوت کے اطلاق سے مرعی عکس کی پیدا وار : using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram); commonly used to observe fetal growth or study bodily organs. "Ultrasound report of woman".

Flesh : گوشت : the soft tissue of the body of a vertebrate: mainly muscle tissue and fat. "Flesh of cow".

Intramuscular : سالمے کے اندر : within a muscle. "An intramuscular injection".

Musculus Quadriceps Femoris, Quad, Quadriceps, Quadriceps Femoris : ران کے اگلے حصے کا ایک بڑا پٹھہ : a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg.

Muscular : پٹہوں سے متعلق : of or relating to or consisting of muscle. "Muscular contraction".

Agonist : سکڑنے والا عضو : a muscle that contracts while another relaxes. "When bending the elbow the biceps are the agonist".

Myositis : عضلے کی سوزش : inflammation of muscle tissue.

Muscle in Book Titles

Skeletal Muscle: Form and Function.
Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function, and Plasticity.
Bone and Muscle: Structure, Force, and Motion.

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