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1) Flight Feather, Pinion, Quill, Quill Feather : کسی چڑیا کے بازو کا اختتامی حصہ : (noun) any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird.

Related : Plume : the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds. Wing : a movable organ for flying (one of a pair).

Useful Words

Feather, Plumage, Plume : پر : the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds.

Flight : اڑان : a formation of aircraft in flight. "When is my flight?".

Flight Control : پروازوں کو کنٹرول کرنا : control from ground stations of airplanes in flight by means of messages transmitted to the pilot electronically.

Flight Engineer : دوران پرواز طیارہ مکینک : the flight crewman responsible for mechanical operation while in flight.

Flight Path : فضائی راستہ : the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air.

Airstrip, Flight Strip, Landing Strip, Strip : ہوائی پٹی : an airfield without normal airport facilities.

In Flight, On The Wing : دوران پرواز : flying through the air. "We saw the ducks in flight".

Flee, Fly, Take Flight : بھاگنا : run away quickly. "Junaid had to flee the country because he was working with law enforcement and political parties at the same time".

Top-Flight, Top-Hole, Topping : شان دار : excellent; best possible.

Aftershafted : اضافی پروں والا : having an aftershaft (a small feather at the base of some feathers).

Quill, Quill Pen : پر کا قلم : pen made from a bird`s feather. "Quill of peacock".

Aftershaft : اضافی پر : a supplementary feather (usually small) on the underside of the base of the shaft of some feathers in some birds.

Calamus, Quill, Shaft : پر یا پتے کے بیچ کی نالی : the hollow spine of a feather.

Acrocomia, Genus Acrocomia : امریکی پام : Central and South American feather palms.

Acrocomia Aculeata, Gri-Gri, Grugru, Grugru Palm, Macamba : گرو پام : tropical American feather palm having a swollen spiny trunk and edible nuts.

Date Palm, Phoenix Dactylifera : کھجور کا درخت : tall tropical feather palm tree native to Syria bearing sweet edible fruit.

Babassu, Babassu Palm, Coco De Macao, Orbignya Martiana, Orbignya Phalerata, Orbignya Spesiosa : تاڑ کا درخت جو عام طور پر براذیل میں پایا جاتا ہے : tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory.

Pennon, Pinion : پرندے کے پر : wing of a bird.

Penknife : قلم تراشنے والا چاقو : a small pocketknife; originally used to cut quill pens.

Air Group : ہوا بازوں کا گروہ : a unit of the United States Air Force larger than a squadron and smaller than a wing.

Lyrebird : ایک قسم کا پرندہ : Australian bird that resembles a pheasant; the courting male displays long tail feathers in a lyre shape.

Ala : کیڑے کا پر : a wing of an insect.

Wing : بازو : the wing of a fowl. "He preferred the drumsticks to the wings".

Monoplane : ایک پر والا طیارہ : an airplane with a single wing.

Right-Winger, Rightist : رجعت پسند : a member of a right wing political party.

Adalia Bipunctata, Two-Spotted Ladybug : بل بوٹی : red ladybug with a black spot on each wing.

Fascist : فاشزم کا ماننے والا : an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views. "Fascist people in Pakistani society".

Aeroplane, Airplane, Plane : ہوائی جہاز : an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets. "Get the plane unloaded".

Flycatcher, New World Flycatcher, Tyrant Bird, Tyrant Flycatcher : ایک قسم کا پرندہ : large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing.

Limb : پر : one of the jointed appendages of an animal used for locomotion or grasping: arm; leg; wing; flipper.

Flap, Flaps : طیارے کا وہ حصہ جسے اندر یا باہر نکالا جا سکتا ہو : a movable airfoil that is part of an aircraft wing; used to increase lift or drag.

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