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Fling   Meaning in Urdu

1. Fling : زور سے پھینکنا : (verb) throw with force or recklessness.

Fling the frisbee.

Throw - propel through the air.

2. Fling - Spree : وقتی لذت : (noun) a brief indulgence of your impulses.

Intemperance, Intemperateness, Self-Indulgence - excess in action and immoderate indulgence of bodily appetites, especially in passion or indulgence.

3. Fling - Cast Aside - Cast Away - Cast Out - Chuck Out - Discard - Dispose - Put Away - Throw Away - Throw Out - Toss - Toss Away - Toss Out : پھینکنا - پھینک دینا : (verb) throw or cast away.

Unlearn - discard something previously learnt, like an old habit.

Fling in Book Titles

Spring Fling: A Southern College Novella.
Fling!: A Comedy in Two Acts.
Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring?.
My Greek Island Fling.
The Wedding Fling.

Useful Words

Brief : خاص معلومات دینا : give essential information to someone. "The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade"

Force - Impel : زبردستی کرنا : urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate. "Please don`t force me"

Impulse - Urge : تمنا : an instinctive motive. "Profound religious impulses"

Craziness - Folly - Foolery - Indulgence - Lunacy - Tomfoolery : بے عقلی : foolish or senseless behavior.

Foolhardiness - Rashness - Recklessness : بے پروائی : the trait of giving little thought to danger.

Throw : پھینکنا : propel through the air. "Don`t throw the stones"

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