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Flyblown 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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A flyblown bar on the edge of town.
Flyblown meat.

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1 of 2. جس میں کیڑے پڑ گئے ہوں Jis Men Keeray Par Gaye Houn : Maggoty Flyblown : spoiled and covered with eggs and larvae of flies.

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2 of 2. خراب Kharab : Sordid Squalid Flyblown : foul and run-down and repulsive.

Related : Unclean

Useful Words

Covered : ملفوف Malfoof : overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form. "Women with covered faces"

Down Downward : نیچے کی طرف Neeche Ki Taraf : extending or moving from a higher to a lower place. "Cast your sight down"

Egg : انڈا Anda : animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds. "Peel off the eggs shell"

Fell Fly Vanish : گزرنا Guzarna : pass away rapidly. "Time flies like an arrow"

Disgustful Disgusting Distasteful Foul Loathly Loathsome Repellant Repellent Repelling Revolting Skanky Wicked Yucky : سخت ناگوار Sakhat Nagawar : highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust. "The teacher complained to the principle that this student is flirting with me and I find it disgusting"

Abhorrent Detestable Obscene Repugnant Repulsive : ناگوار Nagawar : offensive to the mind. "An abhorrent deed"

Run : بھاگنا Bhagna : move fast by using one`s feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time. "Where will we escape ?"

Spoiled Spoilt : لاڈپیار سے بگڑا ہوا Laadpiay Se Bigra Huwa : having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention. "A spoiled child"

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