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سَڑا ہوا : Sara Huwa Meaning in English

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1 of 3) سڑا ہوا بوسیدہ : Decayed Rotted Rotten : (satellite adjective) damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless.

2 of 3) بوسیدہ سڑا ہوا : Carious : (satellite adjective) (of teeth) affected with cavities or decay.

3 of 3) سڑا ہوا : Bad Spoiled Spoilt : (satellite adjective) (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition.

Useful Words

سڑنا : Addle , ایک بے رنگ آتش گیر زہریلی گیس : Hydrogen Sulfide , جسمانی نقص : Bad , بےکار محنت : Waste Of Effort , بے فائدہ طور پر : Uselessly , کباڑ میں ڈالنا : Junk , فضول تکرار : Tautology , بیکار کام کرنا : Boondoggle , قابل کاشت بنانا : Reclaim , ستیاناس کرنا : Do A Job On , کمزور کرنا : Cripple , چپٹی مچھلی : Hogchoker , فضول : Dissipation , سخت استعمال سے خراب : Battered , ٹوٹ جانے کے قابل : Breakable , بے خلل : Unimpaired , ٹوٹ جانے کے صلاحیت : Breakability , جلا ہوا : Burned , شجری معالج : Arborist , پلپلا : Caseous , ناقص : Unsound , نازک : Delicate , فرسودہ : Worn , درختوں کا علاج : Tree Surgery , تخریب کاری : Sabotage , آگ سے خراب شدہ سامان کم قیمت پر فروخت کرنا : Fire Sale , سالم : Entire , دیرپائی : Imperishability , بوسیدہ ہونا : Crumble , ناقص پن : Unsoundness , سڑنا : Decay

Useful Words Definitions

Addle: become rotten.

Hydrogen Sulfide: a sulfide having the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs.

Bad: physically unsound or diseased.

Waste Of Effort: a useless effort.

Uselessly: in a useless manner.

Junk: dispose of (something useless or old).

Tautology: useless repetition.

Boondoggle: do useless, wasteful, or trivial work.

Reclaim: make useful again; transform from a useless or uncultivated state.

Do A Job On: destroy completely or make ugly or useless.

Cripple: deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless.

Hogchoker: useless as food; in coastal streams from Maine to Texas and Panama.

Dissipation: useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly.

Battered: damaged especially by hard usage.

Breakable: capable of being broken or damaged.

Unimpaired: not damaged or diminished in any respect.

Breakability: quality of being easily damaged or destroyed.

Burned: destroyed or badly damaged by fire.

Arborist: a specialist in treating damaged trees.

Caseous: of damaged or necrotic tissue; cheeselike.

Unsound: not in good condition; damaged or decayed.

Delicate: easily broken or damaged or destroyed.

Worn: affected by wear; damaged by long use.

Tree Surgery: treatment of damaged or decaying trees.

Sabotage: a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged.

Fire Sale: a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire.

Entire: constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged.

Imperishability: the property of being resistant to decay.

Crumble: fall into decay or ruin.

Unsoundness: a condition of damage or decay.

Decay: undergo decay or decomposition.

Related Words

باسی : Stale , غیر صحت بخش : Unhealthy

Close Words

سراہنا : Applaud , سڑک کا کنارہ : Roadside , چور : Stealer , صفائی : Clarity , سراۓ : Hotel , سڑک جس پر رکنا منع ہو : Clearway , کاپی رائٹ پر ڈاکہ ڈالنے والا : Literary Pirate , سراہتے ہوۓ : Appreciatively , سرایت کرنے والا : Permeant , صحرائی جھاڑی : Coville , احترام کرنا : Admire

Close Words Definitions

Applaud: express approval of.

Roadside: edge of a way or road or path.

Stealer: a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it.

Clarity: free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression.

Hotel: a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services.

Clearway: a road on which you are not allowed to stop (unless you have a breakdown).

Literary Pirate: someone who uses another person's words or ideas as if they were his own.

Appreciatively: with appreciation; in a grateful manner.

Permeant: spreading or spread throughout.

Coville: desert shrub of southwestern United States and New Mexico having persistent resinous aromatic foliage and small yellow flowers.

Admire: feel admiration for.

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