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1) Foldable, Foldaway, Folding : موڑنے کے قابل : (satellite adjective) capable of being folded up and stored.

Related : Collapsible : capable of collapsing or being collapsed.

Useful Words

Campstool : تہ ہو جانے والی نشست : a folding stool.

Fold, Fold Up : مڑنا : become folded or folded up. "The bed folds in a jiffy".

Jump Seat : حرکت کرنے والی کرسی : a folding seat in an automobile.

Phaeton, Tourer, Touring Car : ایک کھلی ہوئی چار پہیوں والی گاڑی : large open car seating four with folding top. "Touring car is not workable".

Buckle, Warp : مڑی ہوئی : a shape distorted by twisting or folding.

Yacht Chair : سہارے والی کرسی : a light folding armchair for outdoor use.

Step Ladder, Stepladder : بند ہو جانے والی سیڑھی : a folding portable ladder hinged at the top.

Clasp Knife, Jackknife : چاقو : a large knife with one or more folding blades.

Murphy Bed : موڑ جانے والا پلنگ جس کو استعمال کے بعد الماری وغیرہ میں رکھاجاسکے : a bed that can be folded or swung into a cabinet when not being used.

Circumvolution : چکر : the act of turning or winding or folding around a central axis.

Bend, Crease, Crimp, Flexure, Fold, Plication : تہ دھاری : an angular or rounded shape made by folding. "A fold in the napkin".

Rumble Seat : تہ نشست : a folding outside seat in the back of some early cars.

Collar, Neckband : گلوبند : a band that fits around the neck and is usually folded over. "Turn your collar down".

Fold, Plica : مڑنے والا حصہ : a folded part (as in skin or muscle).

Folding Chair : موڑے والی کرسی : a chair that can be folded flat for storage.

Open, Spread, Spread Out, Unfold : پھیلانا : spread out or open from a closed or folded state. "Open the map".

Paper Doll : گڑیا : a piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human being. "Paper doll is on table".

Computer Virus, Virus : نقصان پہنچانے والا کمپیوٹر پروگرام : a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer. "Computer virus solution".

Accordion Door, Folding Door : موڑنے والا دروازہ : an interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges). "Accordion doors glass".

Cab, Cabriolet : بگھی : small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood. "Cabriolet riding in Lahore".

Palpable, Tangible : چھو کر محسوس کرنے کے قابل : capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt. "A barely palpable dust".

Computer Paper : کمپیوٹر کا کاغذ : paper folded to permit continuous printing controlled by a computer.

Omelet, Omelette : پکا ہوا انڈا : beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly.

Kerchief : سر اور کندھے ڈھانپنے کا رومال : a square scarf that is folded into a triangle and worn over the head or about the neck.

4to, Quarto : کتاب کا حجم : the size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper twice to form four leaves.

Newspaper, Paper : اخبار : a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements. "He read his newspaper at breakfast".

Retractile : سمٹ جانے والا : capable of retraction; capable of being drawn back. "Cats have retractile claws".

8vo, Eightvo, Octavo : آٹھ صفحوں کی کتاب : the size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper three times to form eight leaves.

Barouche : چار پہیوں والی بگھی : a horse-drawn carriage having four wheels; has an outside seat for the driver and facing inside seats for two couples and a folding top.

Babushka : روسی ضعیف عورت کے سر کا رومال : a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin; worn by Russian peasant women.

Diaper, Napkin, Nappy : لنگوٹ : garment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist; worn by infants to catch excrement. "She googled nappy designs on her fast internet connection".

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