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Folly 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Folly in Sentence

Installing camera behind a billboard was a folly.

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2 of 3. بیوقوفی سے Bewaqoofi Se : Foolishness Unwiseness Folly : (noun) the trait of acting stupidly or rashly.

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Folly in Book Titles

The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam.
A Dialogue on Wit and Folly.
Folly for the wise.
The Praise of Folly: Structure and Irony.

Useful Words

Acting : قائم مقام Qaim Muqam : serving temporarily especially as a substitute. "The acting president"

Error Fault Mistake : خطا Khata : a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention. "Point out my fault"

Headlong Rashly : بنا سوچے سمجھے Bina Sochay Samjhay : in a hasty and foolhardy manner. "He fell headlong in love"

Dolt Dullard Pillock Poor Fish Pudden-Head Pudding Head Stupe Stupid Stupid Person : الو Ulu : a person who is not very bright. "You are so stupid that you handed over a huge amount without receiving a receipt"

Doltishly Stupidly : بے وقوفی سے Be Waqufi Se : in a stupid manner. "He had stupidly bought a one way ticket"

Trait : خاصیت Khasiyat : a distinguishing feature of your personal nature. "This building of Istanbul is so beautiful because the trait of architect of this building is that he has mastered the art of sketching"

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