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1 of 2) Foray, Maraud, Raid : حملہ کرنا, چھاپا, اچانک حملہ : (noun) a sudden short attack.

Related : Air Raid : an attack by armed planes on a surface target.


2 of 2) Foray, Despoil, Loot, Pillage, Plunder, Ransack, Reave, Rifle, Strip : لوٹنا, چھیننا, لوٹ لینا : (verb) steal goods; take as spoils.

Useful Words

Foray Into, Raid : دھاوا بول دینا : enter someone else's territory and take spoils. "The pirates raided the coastal villages regularly".

Convulsion, Fit, Paroxysm : اچانک حملہ : a sudden uncontrollable attack. "A paroxysm of giggling".

Break Down, Collapse : کمزوری سے گر جانا : collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack.

Bust, Raid : چھاپہ مارنا : search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on. "The police raided the crack house".

Flecainide, Tambocor : ایک قسم کی دوا : oral antiarrhythmic medication (trade name Tambocor) used as a last resort in treating arrhythmias; increases the risk of sudden death in heart attack patients.

Lace Into, Lam Into, Lay Into, Pitch Into, Tear Into : مارنا : hit violently, as in an attack.

Set, Sic : حملے پر اکسانا : urge to attack someone. "The owner sicked his dogs on the intruders".

Defend : بچاو کرنا : be on the defensive; act against an attack.

Insecure, Unsafe : پر خطر : not safe from attack.

Whang : شدید حملہ کرنا : attack forcefully. "Whang away at the school reform plan".

Pounce, Swoop : بلندی سے شکار پر حملہ کرنا : move down on as if in an attack. "The raptor swooped down on its prey".

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