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French Meaning in Urdu

1. French : فرانسیسی زبان : (noun) the Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France.

Noblesse Oblige - the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically).

2. French - French People : فرانس کے باشندے : (noun) the people of France.

Country, Land, Nation - the people who live in a nation or country.

Useful Words

Country - Land - State : ملک : the territory occupied by a nation. "I had to leave the country"

Language - Linguistic Communication : زبان : a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols. "What language is this word from?"

People : لوگ : (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively. "What do I tell people?"

Love Affair - Romance : معاشقہ : a relationship between two lovers. "You are romance itself"

Spoken : زبانی : uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination. "A spoken message"

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