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Friend 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Urdu meaning of Friend is دوست, it can be written as Dost in Roman Urdu. There are 5 different senses of Friend stated below.

Friend in Sentences

Thankless friends forsook me : Ehsan faramosh doston nay mujhe chor diya You betrayed me under the guise of friendship : Doosti ki aar men tum nay mujhe dhuka diya

Friend Synonyms

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Friend in Detail

1 of 5. دوست Dost : Friend : (noun) a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

I used to consider you my friend.
Sticky friend.+ More

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2 of 5. اتحادی Ithadi : Ally Friend : (noun) an associate who provides cooperation or assistance.

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3 of 5. جان پہچان کا شخص Jaan Phechan Ka Shakhs : Acquaintance Friend : (noun) a person with whom you are acquainted.

He is not my friend, he is my acquaintance.
We are friends of the family.

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4 of 5. مداح Maddah جیالہ Jiyala : Admirer Booster Champion Protagonist Supporter Friend : (noun) a person who backs a politician or a team etc.

They are friends of the library.

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5 of 5. ایک مذہبی فرقہ جس کو دوستوں کی انجمن یا سوسائٹی کہتے ہیں Ek Mazhabi Firqa Jis Ko Doston Ki Anjuman Ya Society Khaty Hain خانفین Khanfeen : Quaker Friend : (noun) a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers).

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Friend in Book Titles

The Friend: A Series of Essays.
The Friend, Or, Advocate of Truth.

Useful Words

Affection Affectionateness Fondness Heart Philia Tenderness Warmheartedness Warmness : رغبت Ragbat : a positive feeling of liking. "He had trouble expressing the affection he felt"

Aid Assist Assistance Help : سہارا Sahara : the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose. "He would have helped you"

Associate Colligate Connect Link Link Up Relate Tie In : ملانا Milana : make a logical or causal connection. "I cannot connect these two pieces of evidence in my mind"

Cooperation : تعاون Taawon : joint operation or action. "Their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"

Know : سچائی جاننا Sachai Janna : be aware of the truth of something; have a belief or faith in something; regard as true beyond any doubt. "I know that I left the key on the table"

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Furnish Provide Render Supply : مہیا کرنا Muhayya Karna : give something useful or necessary to. "We provided the room with an electrical heater"

Esteem Regard Respect : عزت Izzat : the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded). "You don`t deserve to be respected"

Bank Rely Swear Trust : بھروسہ کرنا Bharosa Karna : have confidence or faith in. "I made the mistake of trusting you"

Good Well : اچھا Acha : (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good` is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well`). "You did well"