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Fund meaning in Urdu

Fund Synonyms


Fund Definitions

1 of 3) Fund, Monetary Fund : کسی مقصد کے لئے رقم جمع کرنا : (noun) a reserve of money set aside for some purpose.

2 of 3) Fund, Stock, Store : ذخیرہ : (noun) a supply of something available for future use.

3 of 3) Fund, Investment Company, Investment Firm, Investment Trust : سرمایہ : (noun) a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies.

Useful Words

Nest Egg : جمع پونجی , Disburse : ادا کرنا , Pensionary : پنشن وصول کرنے والا , War Chest : جنگی سرمایہ , Pension Fund : وہ فنڈ جو مزدور یا ملازمین کی ملازمت کے بعد ان کے ماہانہ وظیفہ کے لئے مختص کیا جائے , Petty Cash : قلیل زر نقد , Revolving Fund : گردشی فنڈ , Haym Salomon : امریکی انقلابی سرمایہ کار , Cache : تجوری , Gamble : جوا , Appropriation : تخصیص , Stipend : وظیفہ , Display Window : سامان بیچنے کی کھڑکی , Telethon : ٹی وی پر بیٹھ کر خیرات جمع کرنا لوگوں کے لئے , Common Stock Equivalent : حصص کا متبادل , Common Shares : ادنی درجے کا حصہ , Apply : فائدہ اٹھانا , Aside : مستقبل کے لئے جمع کرنا , Spare : کوئی چیز مستقبل کے استعمال کے لئے رکھنا , Implicit : پختہ , Wholeheartedly : مخلصانہ طور پر , Book : مختص کرانا , Reservist : رکن فوج , Reservedly : محتاط انداز سے , Diffident : جھینپو , Candid : صاف صاف , Thaw : سن ہونے کی حالت , Busker : گا بجا کر پیسے مانگنا والا , Parsimoniousness : بخل , Resource : وسیلہ , Air National Guard : ہوائی رنگروٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Nest Egg: a fund of money put by as a reserve.

Disburse: expend, as from a fund.

Pensionary: the beneficiary of a pension fund.

War Chest: a fund accumulated to finance a war (or a political campaign).

Pension Fund: a fund reserved to pay workers` pensions when they retire from service.

Petty Cash: a small fund of cash that a firm keeps for the payment of incidental expenses.

Revolving Fund: a fund which, if borrowed or used, is intended to be replenished so it may be loaned or spent repeatedly.

Haym Salomon: American financier and American Revolutionary War patriot who helped fund the army during the American Revolution (1740?-1785).

Cache: a secret store of valuables or money.

Gamble: money that is risked for possible monetary gain.

Appropriation: money set aside (as by a legislature) for a specific purpose.

Stipend: a sum of money allotted on a regular basis; usually for some specific purpose.

Display Window: a window of a store facing onto the street; used to display merchandise for sale in the store.

Telethon: a television program or show, for long time, whose purpose is to raise money for charity on telephone.

Common Stock Equivalent: preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock.

Common Shares: stock other than preferred stock; entitles the owner to a share of the corporation`s profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections.

Apply: put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose.

Aside: in reserve; not for immediate use.

Spare: kept in reserve especially for emergency use.

Implicit: being without doubt or reserve.

Wholeheartedly: without reserve; without reservation.

Book: arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance.

Reservist: a member of a military reserve.

Reservedly: with reserve; in a reserved manner.

Diffident: showing modest reserve.

Candid: openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness.

Thaw: a relaxation or slackening of tensions or reserve; becoming less hostile.

Busker: a person who entertains people for money in public places (as by singing or dancing), usually while asking for money.

Parsimoniousness: extreme care in spending money; reluctance to spend money unnecessarily.

Resource: available source of wealth; a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed.

Air National Guard: a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies.

Related Words

Hedge Fund : سرمایہ دار کمپنی , Accumulation : منافع , Provision : کسی چیز کی فراہمی یا ذخیرہ جیسے کھانا کپڑے وغیرہ , Seed Stock : بیجوں کا ذخیرہ , Bank Deposit : بینک امانت , Money : دولت

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