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گرم جوشی : Garam Joshi Meaning in English

Garam Joshi Synonyms

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1 of 5) Amity : گرم جوشی : (noun) a cordial disposition.

English Synonym(s) : Cordiality

Urdu Synonym(s) : افہام و تفہیم تپاک


2 of 5) Ardor : گرم جوشی : (noun) feelings of great warmth and intensity.

English Synonym(s) : Ardour Fervency Fervidness Fervor Fervour Fire

Urdu Synonym(s) : گرمجوشی جوش

Related : Passionateness : a strong feeling or emotion.

3 of 5) Captivation : گرم جوشی : (noun) a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual.

English Synonym(s) : Enchantment Enthrallment Fascination

Urdu Synonym(s) : عشق

Related : Liking : a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment.

4 of 5) Enthusiasm : گرم جوشی : (noun) a feeling of excitement.

Urdu Synonym(s) : ولولہ

Related : Feeling : the experiencing of affective and emotional states. Zestfulness : vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment. Keenness : a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something.

5 of 5) Warm : گرم جوشی : (adjective) psychologically warm; friendly and responsive.

Related : Emotionality : emotional nature or quality. Friendly : characteristic of or befitting a friend. Cordial : politely warm and friendly.

Useful Words

مزاج : Disposition, Temperament : your usual mood. "He has good temperament"

فطرت : Disposition : a natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing. "A swelling with a disposition to rupture"

رجحان : Disposition, Inclination, Tendency : an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others. "He had an inclination to give up too easily"

ایک قسم کا مشروب جو عام طور پر کھانے کے بعد پیا جاتا ہے : Cordial, Liqueur : strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal.

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