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Fire meaning in Urdu

Fire Sentences

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Fire Definitions

1 of 10) Fire : آگ : (noun) the event of something burning (often destructive).

They lost everything in the fire.

2 of 10) Fire, Open Fire : اسلحہ چلانا : (verb) start firing a weapon.

3 of 10) Fire, Can, Dismiss, Displace, Force Out, Give Notice, Give The Axe, Give The Sack, Sack, Send Away, Terminate : برطرف کرنا, ملازمت سے فارغ کرنا, عہدے سے ہٹانا : (verb) terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position.

The boss fired his secretary today.

4 of 10) Fire, Firing : اسلہ چلانا, اسلحہ سے فائر کرنا : (noun) the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy.

Hold your fire until you can see the whites of their eyes.
They retreated in the face of withering enemy fire.

5 of 10) Fire, Flame, Flaming : شعلہ, بھڑکتا شعلہ : (noun) the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke.

Fire was one of our ancestors` first discoveries.

6 of 10) Fire, Discharge, Go Off : چل پڑنا : (verb) go off or discharge.

The gun fired.

7 of 10) Fire, Ardor, Ardour, Fervency, Fervidness, Fervor, Fervour : گرمجوشی, گرم جوشی, جوش : (noun) feelings of great warmth and intensity.

8 of 10) Fire, Arouse, Elicit, Enkindle, Evoke, Kindle, Provoke, Raise : ظاہر کرنا, للکارنا, ابھارنا : (verb) call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses).

9 of 10) Fire, Burn, Burn Down : جلانا : (verb) destroy by fire.

10 of 10) Fire, Attack, Blast, Flack, Flak : سخت تنقید : (noun) intense adverse criticism.

Clinton directed his fire at the Republican Party.

Useful Words

Concentrated Fire : مختلف ہتھیاروں سے ایک جگہ کو نشانہ بنانے کا عمل , Blockhouse : قلعہ , Cover : ڈھال , Fire Hook : کریدنی , Strafe : بمباری کرنا , Crossfire : مختلف اطراف سے فائرنگ , Set Ablaze : جلانا , Ignite : آگ لگانا , Incendiary : آتش گیر , Hob : چولہے کا جنگلہ , Fireplace : آتش دان , Hoecake : بیلچے پر پکا کیک , Let Drive : بندوق سے گولی چلانا , Blast : گولی چلانا , Firing : آگ لگانے کا عمل , Cannon : توپ چلانا , Inflame : آگ لگانا , Fiery : انگارہ جیسی , Fieriness : شعلہ لا رنگ , Burn : جلا ہوا , Ablaze : آگ سے روشن , Kindling : آگ جلانے والا مواد , Pyromancy : آگ سے شگون , Blaze Away : برس پڑنا , Flame-Retardant : آگ نہ پکڑنے والا , Misfire : بندوق نہ چلنا , Scorch : آگ سے تباہ ہونا , Stoke : آگ میں ایندھن ڈالنا , Ardent : آگ سی چمکتی , Conflagration : بے قابو آ گ , Rekindle : پھر سلگانا

Useful Words Definitions

Concentrated Fire: fire from two or more weapons directed at a single target or area (as fire by batteries of two or more warships).

Blockhouse: a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire; with apertures for defensive fire.

Cover: fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations.

Fire Hook: fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle; used to stir a fire.

Strafe: an attack of machine-gun fire or cannon fire from a low flying airplane.

Crossfire: fire from two or more points so that the lines of fire cross.

Set Ablaze: set fire to; cause to start burning.

Ignite: cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat.

Incendiary: capable of catching fire spontaneously or causing fires or burning readily.

Hob: a shelf beside an open fire where something can be kept warm.

Fireplace: an open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built.

Hoecake: thin usually unleavened johnnycake made of cornmeal; originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire (southern).

Let Drive: fire as from a gun.

Blast: fire a shot.

Firing: the act of setting something on fire.

Cannon: fire a cannon.

Inflame: catch fire.

Fiery: like or suggestive of fire.

Fieriness: the heat or the color of fire.

Burn: damage inflicted by fire.

Ablaze: lighted up by or as by fire or flame.

Kindling: material for starting a fire.

Pyromancy: divination by fire or flames.

Blaze Away: speak with fire and passion.

Flame-Retardant: resistant to catching fire.

Misfire: fail to fire or detonate.

Scorch: destroy completely by or as if by fire.

Stoke: stir up or tend; of a fire.

Ardent: glowing or shining like fire.

Conflagration: a very intense and uncontrolled fire.

Rekindle: kindle anew, as of a fire.

Related Words

Attack : حملہ کرنا , Barrage : گولا باری , Burst : بھڑکنا , Criticism : تنقید , Happening : واقعہ , Balefire : خوشی کے موقع پر لگائی جانے والی آگ , Grassfire : گھاس دار جگہ پر بےقابو آگ , Smolder : سلگنا , Smudge : دہوانسی آگ , Passion : جوش , Blaze : آگ , Burning : آگ پکڑنے کی حالت , Flare : شعلہ , Ignition : آتش زنی , Burn : جلنا , Burn : جلانا , Cremate : جلا کر خاک کردینا , Torch : نظر آتش کرنا , Destroy : خراب ہونا , Create : پیدا کرنا , Ask For : دعوت دینا

Fire in Book Titles

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