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Gauge meaning in Urdu

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Gauge Definitions

1 of 5) Gauge, Gage : تار وغیرہ کی پیمائش کا آلہ : (noun) a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.

2 of 5) Gauge, Approximate, Estimate, Guess, Judge : تخمینہ لگانا : (verb) judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time).

3 of 5) Gauge : ریل کی پٹری کی چوڑائی : (noun) the distance between the rails of a railway or between the wheels of a train.

4 of 5) Gauge : تار کی موٹائی : (noun) the thickness of wire.

5 of 5) Gauge, Bore, Caliber, Calibre : بندوق کی نالی کے اندر کا قطر : (noun) diameter of a tube or gun barrel.

Useful Words

Wire Gage : تار ناپ , Pressure Gage : گیس یا پانی کا دباو ناپنے والا پیمانہ , Pluviometer : بارش کا نزول ناپنے والا آلہ , Tonometer : سر پیما آلہٴ , Tach : آلہ سرعت پیما , Nephoscope : بادلوں کی بلندی رفتار اور سمت ناپنے کا آلہ , Potentiometer : قوت پیما , Integrator : پیمائش کرنے و الا آلہ , Tape : ناپنے والا ٹیپ , Cryoscope : نقطہ انجماد کا تعین کرنے والا آلہ , Refractometer : انعطاف پیما , Scale : ترازو , Piezometer : دباو پیما , Spherometer : خم ناپنے والا آلہ , Meter : پیمائش کا آلہ , Water Gage : پانی کی حد کا کانٹا , Photometer : روشنی کی شدد کے ناپنے والا آلہ , Thermometer : حرارت ناپنے کا آلہ , Gas Meter : گیس ناپنے کا آلہ , Dynamometer : طاقت پیما , Accelerometer : جہاز کی رفتار کا اندازہ لگانے والا آلہ , Calorimeter : حرارت ناپنے کا آلہ , Caliper : چاپ , Pedometer : فاصلہ ناپنے والا , Oximeter : آکسیجن کا آلہ , Calibration : تعین کا طریقہ کار , Horologe : وقت جانچنے کا آلہ , Spirograph : تنفس کی حرکات کو جانچنے والا آلہ , Actinometer : شعاعیت پیما , Static Tube : سکونی نلی , Range Finder : فاصلہ پیما

Useful Words Definitions

Wire Gage: gauge for measuring the diameter of wire.

Pressure Gage: gauge for measuring and indicating fluid pressure.

Pluviometer: gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation.

Tonometer: measuring instrument for measuring tension or pressure (especially for measuring intraocular pressure in testing for glaucoma).

Tach: measuring instrument for indicating speed of rotation.

Nephoscope: a measuring instrument that uses a grid for measuring the altitude, direction, and velocity of movement of clouds.

Potentiometer: a measuring instrument for measuring direct current electromotive forces.

Integrator: a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure.

Tape: measuring instrument consisting of a narrow strip (cloth or metal) marked in inches or centimeters and used for measuring lengths.

Cryoscope: a measuring instrument for measuring freezing and melting points.

Refractometer: measuring instrument for measuring the refractive index of a substance.

Scale: a measuring instrument for weighing; shows amount of mass.

Piezometer: a measuring instrument for measuring high pressures.

Spherometer: a measuring instrument for measuring the curvature of a surface.

Meter: any of various measuring instruments for measuring a quantity.

Water Gage: gauge for indicating the level of water in e.g. a tank or boiler or reservoir.

Photometer: measuring instrument for measuring the luminous intensity of a source by comparing it (visually or photoelectrically) with a standard source.

Thermometer: measuring instrument for measuring temperature.

Gas Meter: a meter for measuring the amount of gas flowing through a particular pipe.

Dynamometer: measuring instrument designed to measure power.

Accelerometer: an instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets.

Calorimeter: a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat.

Caliper: an instrument for measuring the distance between two points (often used in the plural).

Pedometer: measuring instrument for recording the number of steps taken in walking.

Oximeter: a measuring instrument that measures the oxygen in arterial blood.

Calibration: the act of checking or adjusting (by comparison with a standard) the accuracy of a measuring instrument.

Horologe: a measuring instrument or device for keeping time such as clock or sundial.

Spirograph: a measuring instrument for recording the depth and rapidity of breathing movements.

Actinometer: an instrument for measuring the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (usually by the photochemical effect).

Static Tube: a measuring instrument used to measure static pressure in a stream of fluid.

Range Finder: a measuring instrument (acoustic or optical or electronic) for finding the distance of an object.

Related Words

Diam : دائرے کے درمیان سے گزرنے والا خط , Thickness : گاڑھا پن , Distance : فاصلہ , Calculate : شمار کرنا , Place : اندازہ لگانا , Give : مہلت دینا , Assess : تخمینہ لگانا

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