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Get Around meaning in Urdu

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Get Around Definitions

1 of 3) Get Around, Get About : آنا جانا : (verb) move around; move from place to place.

2 of 3) Get Around, Break, Get Out : عام ہونا : (verb) be released or become known; of news.

3 of 3) Get Around, Bypass, Go Around, Short-Circuit : گول کرنا : (verb) avoid something unpleasant or laborious.

Useful Words

Replace : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ رکھنا , Hoist : اٹھا کر رکھنا , Depart : جانا , Translocate : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ پہنچانا خاص کر جانوروں کو , Out : باہر نکلنا , Displace : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا , Meander : موڑنا , Bustle : حرکت کرنا , Vagrancy : خانہ بدوشی , Migrant : مہاجر , Retreat : پناہ گاہ , Topology : علم مقامات , Gipsy : خانہ بدوش , Den : اڈا , Hawk : جگہ جگہ بیچنا , Navigation : رہبری , Shuffle : ادھر ادھر حرکت کرنا , Agitate : ہلانا , Lock : بند کرنا , Itinerant : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ سفر کرنے والا , Wayfarer : پیدل چلنے والا , Peripatetic : چہل قدمی کرنے والا , Itinerate : گشت کرنا , Drifting : بے مقصد ادہر ادہر آوارگی کرنے کا عمل , Void : خالی کرنا , Mobile : گشتی , Approach : طرف جانا , Disperse : منتشر ہوجانا , Jiggle : ہلانا , About : متحرک , Activate : حرکت میں لانا

Useful Words Definitions

Replace: take the place or move into the position of.

Hoist: move from one place to another by lifting.

Depart: move away from a place into another direction.

Translocate: move from one place to another, especially of wild animals.

Out: moving or appearing to move away from a place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden.

Displace: cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.

Meander: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

Bustle: move or cause to move energetically or busily.

Vagrancy: the state of wandering from place to place; having no permanent home or means of livelihood.

Migrant: habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work.

Retreat: a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet.

Topology: topographic study of a given place (especially the history of the place as indicated by its topography).

Gipsy: a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment.

Den: a hiding place; usually a remote place used by outlaws.

Hawk: sell or offer for sale from place to place.

Navigation: the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place.

Shuffle: move about, move back and forth.

Agitate: move or cause to move back and forth.

Lock: place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape.

Itinerant: traveling from place to place to work.

Wayfarer: a pedestrian who walks from place to place.

Peripatetic: a person who walks from place to place.

Itinerate: travel from place to place, as for work.

Drifting: aimless wandering from place to place.

Void: clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place or receptacle) of something.

Mobile: moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place).

Approach: move towards.

Disperse: move away from each other.

Jiggle: move to and fro.

About: on the move.

Activate: put in motion or move to act.

Related Words

Avoid : احتزاز کرنا , Break : راز فاش کرنا , Leak : بات کھلنا , Go : سفر کرنا

Close Words

Get : سمجھنا , Get A Line : معلوم ہونا , Get A Load : توجہ سے دیکھنا , Get A Noseful : گہرائی سے سونگھنا , Get Across : سمجھانا , Get Ahead : فائدہ حاصل کرنا , Get Along : چلنا , Get At : رسائی , Get Away : بچ نکلنا , Get Back : کہوئی ہوئی چیز پانا , Get Behind : ہچکچانا

Close Words Definitions

Get: grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of.

Get A Line: get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally.

Get A Load: look at with attention.

Get A Noseful: smell strongly and intensely.

Get Across: communicate successfully.

Get Ahead: obtain advantages, such as points, etc..

Get Along: proceed or get along.

Get At: reach or gain access to.

Get Away: escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action.

Get Back: recover something or somebody that appeared to be lost.

Get Behind: to lag or linger behind.

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