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غیر واضع کرنا : Ghair Waze Karna Meaning in English

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Ghair Waze Karna in Detail

1) غیر واضع کرنا الجھانا : Blur Confuse Obnubilate Obscure : (verb) make unclear, indistinct, or blurred.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. Confuse : mistake one thing for another.


Useful Words

دھندلا کرنا : Becloud, Befog, Cloud, Fog, Haze Over, Mist, Obnubilate, Obscure : make less visible or unclear. "Drive carefully, nothing is visible due to fog".

دھندلا کرنا : Obfuscate : make obscure or unclear.

دھندلا کرنا : Bedim, Obscure, Overcloud : make obscure or unclear. "The distinction was obscured".

دھندلا کرنا : Blear, Blur : make dim or indistinct. "The fog blurs my vision".

مسخ کردینا : Mangle, Murder, Mutilate : alter so as to make unrecognizable. "The tourists murdered the French language".

ملاوٹ کرنا : Doctor, Doctor Up, Sophisticate : alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive. "He doctor up the milk".

غیر واضع : Blurred, Clouded : unclear in form or expression. "The blurred aims of the group".

قرنیہ کی سوزش : Keratitis : inflammation of the cornea causing watery painful eyes and blurred vision.

دور کی نظر کی کمزوری : Myopia, Nearsightedness, Shortsightedness : (ophthalmology) eyesight abnormality resulting from the eye's faulty refractive ability; distant objects appear blurred.

ابہام : Abstruseness, Obscureness, Obscurity, Reconditeness : the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand.

گول مول بات کرنا : Beat Around The Bush, Equivocate, Palter, Prevaricate, Tergiversate : be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information.

کچھ کچھ : Hazily : in an indistinct way. "He remembered her only hazily".

مسخ کرنا : Corrupt, Spoil : alter from the original.

غیر واضع طور پر : Dimly, Indistinctly : in a dim indistinct manner. "We perceived the change only dimly".

غیر واضع : Bleary, Blurred, Blurry, Foggy, Fuzzy, Hazy, Muzzy : indistinct or hazy in outline. "A landscape of blurred outlines".

چھینٹ : Blob : an indistinct shapeless form.

بکواس کرنا : Gabble, Jabber, Jabbering : rapid and indistinct speech.

دوبارہ تصویر کو ٹھیک کرنا : Retouch, Touch Up : alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance. "This photograph has been retouched!".

بڑبڑا کر شکایت کرنا : Grumble, Grumbling, Murmur, Murmuring, Mutter, Muttering : a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone.

دھندلا پن : Blurriness, Fogginess, Fuzziness, Indistinctness, Softness : the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines.

شکل بدل دینا : Transform, Transmute, Transubstantiate : change or alter in form, appearance, or nature. "This experience transformed her completely".

ہوا لگانا : Air-Slake : alter by exposure to air with conversion at least in part to a carbonate. "Air-slake lime".

درست کرنا : Adjust, Correct, Set : alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard. "Adjust the sofa, please".

وصیت نامے کا ضمیمہ : Codicil : a supplement to a will; a testamentary instrument intended to alter an already executed will.

غیر واضع ہلکی آواز میں بولنے کا عمل : Murmur, Murmuration, Murmuring, Mussitation, Mutter, Muttering : a low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech. "Murmuring in public".

مداخلت کرنا : Interfere, Interpose, Intervene, Step In : get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force. "You are interfering in court proceedings without permission".

معائنہ کرنے والا شخص : Roundsman : a workman employed to make rounds (to deliver goods or make inspections or so on).

گنجلنا : Crease, Crinkle, Crisp, Ruckle, Scrunch, Scrunch Up, Wrinkle : make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a pressed, folded or wrinkled line in. "The shirt got wrinkled".

روشنی ڈالنا : Clear, Clear Up, Crystalise, Crystalize, Crystallise, Crystallize, Elucidate, Enlighten, Illuminate, Shed Light On, Sort Out, Straighten Out : make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear. "Elucidate on plan".

نوکدار بنانا : Acuminate : make sharp or acute; taper; make (something) come to a point. "Acuminate the piece of wood".

مبہم کرنا : Damp, Dampen, Deaden : make vague or obscure or make (an image) less visible. "Muffle the message".

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