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Governing meaning in Urdu

Governing Sentence

Regulations for the governing of state prisons.

Governing Synonyms


Governing Definitions

1) Governing, Administration, Governance, Government, Government Activity : حکومت : (noun) the act of governing; exercising authority.

Useful Words

Authorities : حکومت , Veto : وہ ووٹ جس سے کوئی فیصلہ یا قانون سازی نہ ہو , Congregationalism : گرجاوں کاخود مختار نظام , Acquisition Agreement : کمپنیوں کے الحاق کا معاہدہ , Commercial Treaty : تجارتی معاہدہ , Highway Code : شاہراہ کا ضابطہ , International Law : بین الاقوامی قانون , Etiquette : تمیز , Federalism : وفاقیت , Canon Law : کلیسائی قانون , Hypothalamus : زیر اندرون حرم , Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico : پرٹو ریکو , Electronic : برقیات سے متعلق , Hindu Calendar : ہندو تقویم , Regnant : حکومت کرنے والا , Privy Council : ذاتی مشیروں کی منتخب جماعت , Triumvirate : تین افراد کی پارٹی , Warlord : سپہ سالار , Federalise : وفاقی حکومت کے کنٹرول میں لانا , Devolution : انتقال اقتدار , Mint : سکے بنانے کی سرکاری جگہ , Great Seal : سرکاری مہر , Totalitarian : آمر , Sedition : بغاوت , Dominant : اثر , Influential : با اثر , Healthy : دماغی طور پر متوازن , Prolusion : گرم کرنے کا طریقہ , Autocratic : آمرانہ , Careful : محتاط , Health Club : ہیلت کلب

Useful Words Definitions

Authorities: the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit.

Veto: a legal power that allows an individual or governing body, often an executive authority, to reject or block a proposed law, decision, or action, preventing it from becoming effective.

Congregationalism: system of beliefs and church government of a Protestant denomination in which each member church is self-governing.

Acquisition Agreement: contract governing the merger of two or more companies.

Commercial Treaty: a treaty governing commerce between two or more nations.

Highway Code: the code of rules governing the use of public roads.

International Law: the body of laws governing relations between nations.

Etiquette: rules governing socially acceptable behavior.

Federalism: the idea of a federal organization of more or less self-governing units.

Canon Law: the body of codified laws governing the affairs of a Christian church.

Hypothalamus: a basal part of the diencephalon governing autonomic nervous system.

Commonwealth Of Puerto Rico: a self-governing commonwealth associated with the United States occupying the island of Puerto Rico.

Electronic: of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons.

Hindu Calendar: the lunisolar calendar governing the religious life of Hindus; an extra month is inserted after every month in which there are two new moons (once every three years).

Regnant: exercising power or authority.

Privy Council: The Privy Council (especially to the British Crown) is a formal advisory body to a monarch or head of state, often composed of senior government officials or advisors, offering counsel on important matters of governance and policy.

Triumvirate: a group of three men responsible for public administration or civil authority.

Warlord: supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weak.

Federalise: put under the control and authority of a federal government.

Devolution: the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government).

Mint: a plant where money is coined by authority of the government.

Great Seal: the principal seal of a government, symbolizing authority or sovereignty.

Totalitarian: characterized by a government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control.

Sedition: an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government.

Dominant: exercising influence or control.

Influential: having or exercising influence or power.

Healthy: exercising or showing good judgment.

Prolusion: exercising in preparation for strenuous activity.

Autocratic: offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power.

Careful: exercising caution or showing care or attention.

Health Club: a place of business with equipment and facilities for exercising and improving physical fitness.

Related Words

Misgovernment : ناکام حکمرانی , Lawmaking : قانون بنانے کا عمل

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