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Gratifying meaning in Urdu

Gratifying Sentence

Found her praise gratifying.

Gratifying Synonyms


Gratifying Definitions

1 of 2) Gratifying, Sweet : تسکین دہ, تسکین بخش : (satellite adjective) pleasing to the mind or feeling.

2 of 2) Gratifying, Enjoyable, Pleasurable : پرلطف, تسلی بخش, خوش کن : (satellite adjective) affording satisfaction or pleasure.

Useful Words

Gratifyingly : اطمینان بخش طور پر , Pleased : فخر کرنا , Attractive : دل کش , Ambrosial : شہد بھرا , Agreeably : پرلطف طور پر , High Point : نقطہ عروج , Fun : مزا , Beautiful : خوبصورت , Like : لطف اندوز ہونا , Deliciously : خوش کن انداز میں , Chill : لرزش , Leisure : فرصت , Heart Cherry : میٹھی چیری , Pleasantness : مرغوبیت , Hungry : بھوکا , Nauseated : متلی , Ballottement : تشخیص حمل کا ایک طریقہ , Dulcet : سریلا , Bonnie : خوبصورت , Aesthetic : خوبصورتی سے , Harmonious : شیریں , Dainty : لذیذ , Charming : دلکش , Fab : حیرت انگیز , Pleasingly : پر لطف طور پر , Well-Turned : اچھی بناوٹ والا , Good : بھلا , Favorable : لطیف , Distasteful : بد مزا , Delight : خوش کرنا , Shapely : خوش شکل

Useful Words Definitions

Gratifyingly: in a gratifying manner.

Pleased: feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you measures your self-worth.

Attractive: pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm.

Ambrosial: extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant.

Agreeably: in an enjoyable manner.

High Point: the most enjoyable part of a given experience.

Fun: activities that are enjoyable or amusing.

Beautiful: (of weather) highly enjoyable.

Like: find enjoyable or agreeable.

Deliciously: in a very pleasurable manner.

Chill: an almost pleasurable sensation of fright.

Leisure: freedom to choose a pastime or enjoyable activity.

Heart Cherry: any of several cultivated sweet cherries having sweet juicy heart-shaped fruits.

Pleasantness: the feeling caused by agreeable stimuli; one pole of a continuum of states of feeling.

Hungry: feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food.

Nauseated: feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit.

Ballottement: a palpatory technique for feeling a floating object in the body (especially for determining the position of a fetus by feeling the rebound of the fetus after a quick digital tap on the wall of the uterus).

Dulcet: pleasing to the ear.

Bonnie: very pleasing to the eye.

Aesthetic: aesthetically pleasing.

Harmonious: musically pleasing.

Dainty: especially pleasing to the taste.

Charming: pleasing or delighting.

Fab: extremely pleasing.

Pleasingly: in a pleasing manner.

Well-Turned: of a pleasing shape.

Good: that which is pleasing or valuable or useful.

Favorable: encouraging or approving or pleasing.

Distasteful: not pleasing in odor or taste.

Delight: give pleasure to or be pleasing to.

Shapely: having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape.

Related Words

Pleasant : خوشگوار , Pleasing : اطمینان بخشنا

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