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Guarded meaning in Urdu

Guarded Sentence

Guarded optimism.

Guarded Synonym

Guarded Definitions

1) Guarded, Restrained : دانشمندانہ : (satellite adjective) prudent.


Useful Words

Soundness : عقلمندی , Providentially : ہوشیاری سے , Imprudent : بےپروا , Take Care : احتیاط کرنا , Inadvisable : نامناسب , Advisable : مشورےکے قابل , Uninhibited : آزاد کے ساتھ , Unbridled : بے لگام , Controlled : محدود , Titter : کھسیانی ہنسی , Understatement : گھٹا کر بیان کرنا , Undertone : دھیما لہجہ , Prudent : ہوشیار

Useful Words Definitions

Soundness: the quality of being prudent and sensible.

Providentially: in a prudent manner.

Imprudent: not prudent or wise.

Take Care: be careful, prudent, or watchful.

Inadvisable: not prudent or wise; not recommended.

Advisable: worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise.

Uninhibited: not inhibited or restrained.

Unbridled: not restrained or controlled.

Controlled: restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds.

Titter: a nervous restrained laugh.

Understatement: a statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said.

Undertone: a quiet or subdued quality in spoken or written communication, reflecting a restrained or subtle manner of expression that may convey deeper emotions or implications.

Prudent: careful and sensible; marked by sound judgment.

Related Words

Cautious : محتاط

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