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Guest meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Guest, Invitee : مہمان : (noun) a visitor to whom hospitality is extended.

We are having guests tomorrow.

Related : Houseguest : a person who visits and usually stays in someone`s home overnight. Visitor : someone who visits.


2 of 2) Guest : ہوٹل کا گاہک : (noun) a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc.

Related : Customer : someone who pays for goods or services.

Guest in Book Titles

Effective Guest House Management.
Charming Guest Rooms: Decorating Secrets from Country Inns.
The Wunderkammer of Lady Charlotte Guest.

Useful Words

Client, Customer : گاہک : someone who pays for goods or services. "Travel agent said when it comes to visa refusal so clients get irritated".

Drawn-Out, Extended, Lengthy, Prolonged, Protracted : لمبا : relatively long in duration; tediously protracted. "A lengthy visit from her mother-in-law".

Cordial Reception, Hospitality : مہمان نوازی : kindness in welcoming guests or strangers. "We have enjoyed his hospitality".

Hotel : سراۓ : a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services. "He booked a room in the five-star hotel".

Eatery, Eating House, Eating Place, Restaurant : ہوٹل : a building where people go to eat.

Visitant, Visitor : معائنہ کرنے والا : someone who visits. "Due to the outbreak of the global epidemic all countries had stopped visitors entering their country, but France opened the Eiffel Tower for tourists".

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