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Gull meaning in Urdu

Gull Synonyms


Gull Definitions

1 of 4) Gull, Chump, Fall Guy, Fool, Mark, Mug, Patsy, Soft Touch, Sucker : احمق : (noun) a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.

2 of 4) Gull, Befool, Fool : بیوقوف بنانا, الو بنانا : (verb) make a fool or dupe of.

3 of 4) Gull, Sea Gull, Seagull : بحری بگلا : (noun) mostly white aquatic bird having long pointed wings and short legs.

Useful Words

Berk : بیوقوف شخص , Herring Gull : بگلا , Bonxie : باغو , Kittiwake : ایک قسم کی مرغابی , Angler : چال باز , Ass-Kisser : چمچہ , Schnook : احمق آدمی , Ass : احمق , Aethusa : زہریلی جھاڑی , Buffoon : بیوقوف , Bozo : احمق , Stumble : ٹھوکر کھانا , Gainer : فائدہ حاصل کرنے والا , Strapado : قدیم دور کی ایک سزا , Handy : آسان , Implausibly : ناقابل یقینی طور پر , 2ez : نہایت آسان , Breeze : بہت آسان کام , Blowout : آسان جیت , Handy : آسان پہنچ , Friendly : استعمال میں آسان , Unfriendly : آسانی سے نہ سمھج میں آنے والا , Tender : نرم , Chewable : چبنے والا , Clear Sailing : آسانی , Laziness : سستی , Bed Of Roses : آسان , Digestibility : صلاحیت ہضم , Fast Buck : آسان کمائی , Accessible : قابل پہنچ , Elementary : ابتدائی

Useful Words Definitions

Berk: a stupid person who is easy to take advantage of.

Herring Gull: large gull of the northern hemisphere.

Bonxie: gull-like jaeger of northern seas.

Kittiwake: small pearl-grey gull of northern regions; nests on cliffs and has a rudimentary hind toe.

Angler: a scheming person; someone who schemes to gain an advantage.

Ass-Kisser: a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage.

Schnook: (Yiddish) a gullible simpleton more to be pitied than despised.

Ass: a pompous fool.

Aethusa: fool`s parsley.

Buffoon: a rude or vulgar fool.

Bozo: a man who is a stupid incompetent fool.

Stumble: miss a step and fall or nearly fall.

Gainer: a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits).

Strapado: a form of torture in which the hands are tied behind a person's back and they are lifted off the ground by a rope tied to their wrists, then allowed to drop until their fall is checked with a jerk by the rope.

Handy: easy to use.

Implausibly: not easy to believe.

2ez: Too Easy.

Breeze: any undertaking that is easy to do.

Blowout: an easy victory.

Handy: easy to reach.

Friendly: easy to understand or use.

Unfriendly: not easy to understand or use.

Tender: easy to cut or chew.

Chewable: easy to cut or chew.

Clear Sailing: easy unobstructed progress.

Laziness: relaxed and easy activity.

Bed Of Roses: an easy or pleasant situation.

Digestibility: the property of being easy to digest.

Fast Buck: quick or easy earnings,.

Accessible: easy to get along with or talk to; friendly.

Elementary: easy and not involved or complicated.

Related Words

Dupe : پاگل بنانا , Kid : جھوٹ بولنا , Betray : دہوکا دینا , Cozen : دھوکا ہونا

Close Words

Gullet : نرخرا , Gullibility : سادہ لوحی , Gullible : بھولا

Close Words Definitions

Gullet: the passage between the pharynx and the stomach.

Gullibility: tendency to believe too readily and therefore to be easily deceived.

Gullible: naive and easily deceived or tricked.

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