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ہار مان لینا : Haar Ma Lena Meaning in English

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1) ہار مان لینا : Giving Up Surrender Yielding : (noun) a verbal act of admitting defeat.

Useful Words

زکوة : Alms-Giving, Almsgiving : making voluntary contributions to aid the poor.

فراخ دل : Big, Bighearted, Bounteous, Bountiful, Freehanded, Giving, Handsome, Liberal, Openhanded : given or giving freely. "Was a big tipper".

جنا : Birth, Birthing, Giving Birth, Parturition : the process of giving birth.

دوا دینے کا عمل : Administration, Giving Medication : the act of administering medication.

زندگی بخش : Life-Giving, Vitalizing : giving or having the power to give life and spirit. "Returning the life-giving humus to the land".

تین جہتی : 3-Dimensional, Third-Dimensional, Three-D, Three-Dimensional : involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects; giving the illusion of depth. "Lifelike three-dimensional characters".

دست برداری : Abandonment, Desertion, Forsaking : the act of giving something up.

مشغول : Absorbed, Captive, Engrossed, Enwrapped, Intent, Wrapped : giving or marked by complete attention to. "That engrossed look or rapt delight".

تاکید : Accenting, Accentuation, Emphasizing : the act of giving special importance or significance to something.

دو سڑکوں کو ملانے والی سڑک : Access Road, Slip Road : a short road giving access to an expressway. "In Britain they call an access road a slip road".

اصلی بنانے کا عمل : Actualisation, Actualization, Realisation, Realization : making real or giving the appearance of reality.

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