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1 of 2) Half, One-Half : نصف, آدھا : (noun) one of two equal parts of a divisible whole.

Half a loaf.
Half an hour.+ More

Related : Simple Fraction : the quotient of two integers.

2 of 2) Half : نا مکمل, نصف : (satellite adjective) partial.

Gave me a half smile.
He did only a half job.

Related : Uncomplete : not complete or total; not completed.

Useful Words

Better Half, Married Person, Mate, Partner, Spouse : ہم سفر : a person`s partner in marriage. "May Allah give you a pious spouse as you are a man of good character".

Go Off At Half-Cock, Go Off Half-Cocked : وقت سے پہلے کام کر دینا : act prematurely or without reflection or too soon. "She wanted to quit her job but her mother told her not to go off half-cocked".

Buskin, Combat Boot, Desert Boot, Half Boot, Top Boot : ہاف بوٹ : a boot reaching halfway up to the knee.

Half Brother, Half-Brother, Stepbrother : سوتیلا بھائی : a brother who has only one parent in common with you.

6, Half Dozen, Half-Dozen, Six, Vi : چھ : denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units.

Domino, Eye Mask, Half Mask : نقاب : a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes.

880 Yards, Half Mile : آدھا میل : a unit of length equal to half of 1 mile.

Half Note, Minim : نصف سر : a musical note having the time value of half a whole note.

Half Sister, Half-Sister, Stepsister : سوتیلی بہن : a sister who has only one parent in common with you.

Bastard Title, Half Title : مختصر عنوان : a first page of some books displaying only the title of the book.

Half Volley : ٹینس میں گیند کو زمین سے اچھلتے ہی مارنا : a tennis return made by hitting the ball immediately after it bounces.

Half-And-Half : آدھا آدھا : in equal parts. "It was divided half-and-half".

Half-Baked, Underdone : ناکافی طور پر پکا ہوا : insufficiently cooked.

Half-Caste : دو نسلا : an offensive term for the offspring of parents of different races or cultures.

Crazed, Deranged, Half-Crazed : پاگل : driven insane.

Half-Eaten : جھوٹا کھانا : partially consumed food. "I don`t eat half-eaten food".

Half-Hearted, Halfhearted, Lukewarm, Tepid : جوش کے بغیر : feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm. "A halfhearted effort".

Half-Heartedly : بے دلی کے ساتھ : without enthusiasm; in a half-hearted manner. "She tried half-heartedly".

30 Minutes, Half-Hour : تیس منٹ : a half of an hour.

Half-Moon, Lunula, Lunule : ناخن کی جڑ کا حصہ : the crescent-shaped area at the base of the human fingernail.

Half-Pint, Peewee, Runt, Shrimp : بونا : disparaging terms for small people.

Half-Slip, Petticoat, Underskirt : شمیض : undergarment worn under a skirt.

Half-Time, Part-Time : جز وقتی طور پر : for less than the standard number of hours. "He works part-time".

Half-Truth : نیم سچ : a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead.

Changeling, Cretin, Half-Wit, Idiot, Imbecile, Moron, Retard : کم عقل : a person of subnormal intelligence. "Don`t take his words to heart, he is an imbecile".

Backward, Feebleminded, Half-Witted, Slow-Witted : پسماندہ : retarded in intellectual development.

Biannual, Biyearly, Half-Yearly, Semiannual : سال میں دو دفہ : occurring or payable twice each year. "Half-yearly income".

Time And A Half : فاضل وقت کام کرنے کی اجرت یا مزدوری : a rate of pay that is 1.5 times the regular rate; for overtime work.

One-Third, Third, Tierce : تیسرا : one of three equal parts of a divisible whole. "It contains approximately a third of the minimum daily requirement".

Mermaid : جل پری : half woman and half fish; lives in the sea.

Bisect : دو حصوں میں تقسیم کرنا : cut in half or cut in two. "Bisect a line".

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