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Hang In meaning in Urdu

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Hang In Definitions

1) Hang In, Hang On, Hold On, Persevere, Persist : ثابت رہنا, جمے رہنا : (verb) be persistent, refuse to stop.

Useful Words

Dangle : لٹکنا , Suspend : لٹکانا , Affiliate : منسلک , Hover : منڈلانا , Last Out : برداشت کر جانا , Trail : لتھڑنا , Gibbet : سولی دینا , Droop : لٹکنا , Dangle : لٹکنا , Piked Reverse Hang : ایک کرتب , Brood : منڈلانا , Clothes Tree : کہونٹی , Be Quiet : چپ ہو جانا , Keep Back : روک لینا , Catch : پکڑنا , Disobey : نافرمانی کرنا , Boycott : بائیکاٹ کرنا , Check : قابو میں رکھنا , Garter : موزہ بند , Insistent : تکراری , Doggedness : ثابت قدمی , Persistently : ثابت قدمانہ طور پر , Cussed : بدکار , Clamor : شور , Bait : طنز کرنا , Carping : بلا جواز تنقید , Assiduous : ثابت قدم , Will : ہمت , Deny : تسلیم نہ کرنا , Decline : انکار کرنا , Balk : ماننے سے انکار کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Dangle: hang freely.

Suspend: hang freely.

Affiliate: keep company with; hang out with.

Hover: hang in the air; fly or be suspended above.

Last Out: hang on during a trial of endurance.

Trail: hang down so as to drag along the ground.

Gibbet: hang on an execution instrument.

Droop: hang loosely or laxly.

Dangle: cause to dangle or hang freely.

Piked Reverse Hang: a reverse hang performed on the rings.

Brood: hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing.

Clothes Tree: an upright pole with pegs or hooks on which to hang clothing.

Be Quiet: refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent.

Keep Back: hold back; refuse to hand over or share.

Catch: take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of.

Disobey: refuse to go along with; refuse to follow; be disobedient.

Boycott: refuse to sponsor; refuse to do business with.

Check: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.

Garter: a band (usually elastic) worn around the leg to hold up a stocking (or around the arm to hold up a sleeve).

Insistent: repetitive and persistent.

Doggedness: persistent determination.

Persistently: in a persistent manner.

Cussed: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing.

Clamor: loud and persistent outcry from many people.

Bait: harass with persistent criticism or carping.

Carping: persistent petty and unjustified criticism.

Assiduous: marked by care and persistent effort.

Will: a fixed and persistent intent or purpose.

Deny: refuse to accept or believe.

Decline: refuse to accept.

Balk: refuse to comply.

Related Words

Obstinate : خود رائے , Bear On : جاری رکھنا

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