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Hanker meaning in Urdu

Hanker Synonyms


Hanker Definitions

1) Hanker, Long, Yearn : تڑپنا, شدت سے چاہنا : (verb) desire strongly or persistently.

Useful Words

Desire : چاہنا , Badger : چھیڑنا , Importune : فریاد کرنا , Nag : مسلسل تنگ کرنا , Keep One's Nose To The Grindstone : مشقت کرنا , Dun : قرض کی ادائی کا تقاضا کرنا , Blighter : شریر شخص , Hard-Hitting : کڑی محنت کرنے والا , Hen-Peck : شکایتیں کر کر کے تنگ کرنا , Beg : مانگنا , Heron : لمبی گردن اور لمبی ٹانگوں والا پرندہ , Cathartic : دست آور , Antipathetic : مخالف , Adoration : تعریف , Bemoan : نوحہ کرنا , Captivated : متاثرکن , Defend : مزاحمت کرنا , Admonish : تنبیہ کرنا , Bewitch : متوجہ کر لینا , Compulsive : کامیابی کے لئے پرعزم , Get A Noseful : گہرائی سے سونگھنا , Well-Knit : مضبوطی سے بنا ہوا , Puff : سانس لینا , Condemnation : ملامت , Sturdiness : مضبوطی , Tout : پرزور تشہیر کرنا , Apologia : عذر نامہ , Govern : اثر انداز ہونا , Cynosure : توجہ کا مرکز , Marked : نمایاں , Magnetic Iron-Ore : مقناطیسی لوہا

Useful Words Definitions

Desire: feel or have a desire for; want strongly.

Badger: annoy persistently.

Importune: beg persistently and urgently.

Nag: worry persistently.

Keep One's Nose To The Grindstone: work doggedly or persistently.

Dun: persistently ask for overdue payment.

Blighter: a persistently annoying person.

Hard-Hitting: aggressively and persistently persuasive.

Hen-Peck: bother persistently with trivial complaints.

Beg: make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently.

Heron: grey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill.

Cathartic: strongly laxative.

Antipathetic: (usually followed by `to`) strongly opposed.

Adoration: the act of admiring strongly.

Bemoan: regret strongly.

Captivated: strongly attracted.

Defend: fight against or resist strongly.

Admonish: warn strongly; put on guard.

Bewitch: attract strongly, as if with a magnet.

Compulsive: strongly motivated to succeed.

Get A Noseful: smell strongly and intensely.

Well-Knit: strongly and firmly constructed.

Puff: smoke and exhale strongly.

Condemnation: the condition of being strongly disapproved of.

Sturdiness: the property of something that is strongly built.

Tout: advertize in strongly positive terms.

Apologia: a formal written defense of something you believe in strongly.

Govern: direct or strongly influence the behavior of.

Cynosure: something that strongly attracts attention and admiration.

Marked: strongly marked; easily noticeable.

Magnetic Iron-Ore: an oxide of iron that is strongly attracted by magnets.

Related Words

Ache : ترسنا