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Har Keemat Par : ہر قیمت پر

1. At All Costs, At Any Cost, At Any Expense : ہر قیمت پر - کسی بھی قیمت پر : (adverb) regardless of the cost involved.

Dam, Keemat : Cost : the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold). "Prices have jumped"

Keemat : Cost : value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something. "New Cultus VXRi EURO II price is Rs 1,044,000"

Lagat : Cost : the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor.

Ghafal : Regardless : (usually followed by `of`) without due thought or consideration. "Careless of the consequences"

Pechida, Chakkar Dar, Nihayat Pechida : Involved : highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious. "The Byzantine tax structure"

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