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Harvest meaning in Urdu

Harvest Sentences

Harvest the grapes.
They gathered a harvest of examples.

Harvest Synonyms


Harvest Definitions

1 of 4) Harvest, Crop : پیداوار, فصل, کاشت : (noun) the yield from plants in a single growing season.

2 of 4) Harvest, Glean, Reap : فصل کاٹنا, کاشت کرنا : (verb) gather, as of natural products.

3 of 4) Harvest : نتیجہ : (noun) the consequence of an effort or activity.

A harvest of love.

4 of 4) Harvest, Harvest Home, Harvesting : تیار فصل کی کٹائی : (noun) the gathering of a ripened crop.

Useful Words

Harvester : فصل کاٹنے والا , Deciduous : پت جھاڑ , Agrobiology : زرعی حیاتیات , Monoculture : ایک فصل کی کاشت , Blueberry : توت , Fodder : چارا , Gnawer : کترنے والے جانور یا کیڑے , Cultivation : کاشت کاری , Caespitose : گچھے دار , Aquiculture : کاشت کاری کا طریق کار , Daisy : ایک قسم کا پہول , Paeony : ایک قسم کا پہول دار پودا , Composite : مخلوط پودہ , Hepatic : ایک قسم کا چھوٹا پودا , Bacteria : جراثیم , Monotype : اپنے گروہ کا واحد رکن , Carry : اگانا , Common Corn Salad : سلاد کے پتے , Harvester : فصل کاٹنے والی مشین , Agronomist : ماہر کاشتکار , Spring : بہار , Seasonally : موسم کے حساب سے , Seasonable : وقت اور موسم کے لحاظ سے موزوں , Seasonably : ٹھیک طرح , Eastertide : ایسٹر کا دور , Root Crop : جڑ میں پیدا ہونے والی سبزی , Unseasonable : بے موسم , Hockey Season : ہاکی کا دور , Seasonal : موسم کے موسم , Cover Crop : بچاوٴ فصل , Agronomy : کھيتوں کی ديکھ بھال

Useful Words Definitions

Harvester: someone who helps to gather the harvest.

Deciduous: (of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season.

Agrobiology: the study of plant nutrition and growth especially as a way to increase crop yield.

Monoculture: the cultivation of a single crop (on a farm or area or country).

Blueberry: sweet edible dark-blue berries of either low-growing or high-growing blueberry plants.

Fodder: coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop.

Gnawer: relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing.

Cultivation: the act of raising or growing plants (especially on a large scale).

Caespitose: (of plants) growing in small dense clumps or tufts.

Aquiculture: a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients.

Daisy: any of numerous composite plants having flower heads with well-developed ray flowers usually arranged in a single whorl.

Paeony: any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers.

Composite: considered the most highly evolved dicotyledonous plants, characterized by florets arranged in dense heads that resemble single flowers.

Hepatic: any of numerous small green nonvascular plants of the class Hepaticopsida growing in wet places and resembling green seaweeds or leafy mosses.

Bacteria: (microbiology) single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission; important as pathogens and for biochemical properties; taxonomy is difficult; often considered to be plants.

Monotype: (biology) a taxonomic group with a single member (a single species or genus).

Carry: bear (a crop).

Common Corn Salad: widely cultivated as a salad crop and pot herb; often a weed.

Harvester: farm machine that gathers a food crop from the fields.

Agronomist: an expert in soil management and field-crop production.

Spring: the season of growth.

Seasonally: depending on the season.

Seasonable: in keeping with the season.

Seasonably: in accordance with the season.

Eastertide: the Easter season.

Root Crop: crop grown for its enlarged roots: e.g. beets; potatoes; turnips.

Unseasonable: not in keeping with (and usually undesirable for) the season.

Hockey Season: the season when hockey is played.

Seasonal: occurring at or dependent on a particular season.

Cover Crop: crop planted to prevent soil erosion and provide green manure.

Agronomy: the application of soil and plant sciences to land management and crop production.

Related Words

Gather : جمع کرنا عمل , Consequence : اثر , Collect : اکٹھا کرنا

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