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Have It Coming meaning in Urdu

Have It Coming Definitions

1) Have It Coming : مستحق ہونا : (verb) deserve (either good or bad).


Useful Words

Likely : ممکنہ طور پر , External : باہر سے آنا , Reunification : اتحاد نو , Descendant : تنزیل , Generation : پیدائش , Terminative : خاتمے کا , Southeast : جنوب مشرق سے , Egress : خروج , Contravention : مخاصمت , Northwest : شمال مغرب سے آنے والی , Automobile Traffic : گاڑیوں کا رش , Emergent : ابھر کر ظاہر ہونے والا , Devising : بنانے کا عمل , Preceding : پہلے ہونے والا , Recurring : واپس آ جانا , Concourse : بھیڑ , Descending : نیچے کی طرف , Expiration : اختتام , 22nd : بائیسواں , Appearance : ظہور , 26th : چھبیسواں , 16th : سولہواں , Realisation : شعور , Forerunner : مقدم , 19th : انیسواں , Convergence : ملاپ , Inshore : سمندر سے ساحل کی طرف آنے والی ہوئیں , Potency : توانائی , 14th : چودہواں , Keep Away : دور رکھنا , 18th : اٹھارہواں

Useful Words Definitions

Likely: has a good chance of being the case or of coming about.

External: coming from the outside.

Reunification: the act of coming together again.

Descendant: going or coming down.

Generation: a coming into being.

Terminative: coming to an end.

Southeast: coming from the southeast.

Egress: the act of coming (or going) out; becoming apparent.

Contravention: coming into conflict with.

Northwest: coming from the northwest.

Automobile Traffic: cars coming and going.

Emergent: coming into existence.

Devising: the act that results in something coming to be.

Preceding: existing or coming before.

Recurring: coming back.

Concourse: a coming together of people.

Descending: coming down or downward.

Expiration: a coming to an end of a contract period.

22nd: coming next after the twenty-first in position.

Appearance: the event of coming into sight.

26th: coming next after the twenty-fifth in position.

16th: coming next after the fifteenth in position.

Realisation: coming to understand something clearly and distinctly.

Forerunner: a person who goes before or announces the coming of another.

19th: coming next after the eighteenth in position.

Convergence: the act of converging (coming closer).

Inshore: (of winds) coming from the sea toward the land.

Potency: the inherent capacity for coming into being.

14th: coming next after the thirteenth in position.

Keep Away: prevent from coming close.

18th: coming next after the seventeenth in position.

Related Words

Deserve : مستحق ہونا

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