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Hawala : حوالہ

1. Acknowledgment, Citation, Cite, Credit, Mention, Quotation, Reference : حوالہ دینے کا عمل - حوالہ : (noun) a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage.

2. Mention, Reference : تذکرہ - حوالہ - بتانا : (noun) a remark that calls attention to something or someone.

3. ہنڈی - حوالہ - لین دین کا خفیہ طریقہ : (noun) an underground banking system based on trust whereby money can be made available internationally without actually moving it or leaving a record of the transaction.

Ek Jaga Se Dusr..., Naqal Makaani : Passage : the act of passing from one state or place to the next.

Behri Jahaaz Ka..., Behri Safar : Passage : a journey usually by ship. "The outward passage took 10 days"

Intiqal : Passage : the act of passing something to another person.

Waza Qanoon : Passage : the passing of a law by a legislative body.

Rasta : Passage : a way through or along which someone or something may pass.

Nali : Passage : a path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass. "The nasal passages"

Malumat : Information : knowledge acquired through study or experience or instruction. "Get information from there"

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