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Haze 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Haze meaning in Urdu is دھُند DHOND, other meanings are غُبار GHOBAR, ابہام ABHAM. Haze is a (noun) defination is atmospheric moisture or dust or smoke that causes reduced visibility. Haze usage in sentences, (Haze on sky), (Because of haze nothing is visible). Synonyms of Haze are (Daze), (Fog).

Haze Sentence

Drive carefully, because it`s cold weather and because of haze nothing is visible.

Haze Synonyms

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Haze in Detail

1 of 2. غبار Ghobar دھند Dhond : Haze : (noun) atmospheric moisture or dust or smoke that causes reduced visibility.

There is a haze in the air.
Haze makes me sick.


2 of 2. ابہام Abhaam : Daze Fog Haze : (noun) confusion characterized by lack of clarity.

Related : Muddiness

Haze in Book Titles

Indonesia`s Fires and Haze: The Cost of Catastrophe.
Clearing the Haze: Helping Families Face Teen Addiction.
A haze of secrecy: access to environmental information in Malaysia.
Part one of Purple Haze.

Useful Words

Atmospheric Atmospherical : فضا سے متعلق Fiza Se Mutaliq : relating to or located in the atmosphere. "Atmospheric tests"

Cause Get Have Induce Make Stimulate : قائل کرنا Qail Karna : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The induced me for fake collision to obtain money fraudulently from insurance companies"

Clarity Clearness Limpidity Lucidity Lucidness Pellucidity : صفائی Safai : free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression.

Confusion : بوکھلاہٹ Bokhlahat : disorder resulting from a failure to behave predictably. "The army retreated in confusion"

Debris Detritus Dust Junk Rubble : تباہ شدہ چیز کی باقیات Tabah Shuda Cheez Ki Baqiyat : the remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up.

Deficiency Lack Want : کمی Kami : the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable. "By the way, food is well made but there us a lack of salt in the food"

Moisture Wet : نمی Nami : wetness caused by water. "Drops of wet gleamed on the window"

Fume Smoke : دھواں Dhuwan : a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas. "Smoke rising from the capitol"

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