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Head Cabbage meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Head Cabbage, Brassica Oleracea Capitata, Head Cabbage Plant : بند گوبی کا پودا : (noun) any of various cultivated cabbage plants having a short thick stalk and large compact head of edible usually green leaves.

2 of 2) Head Cabbage : بند گوبی : (noun) any of several varieties of cabbage having a large compact globular head; may be steamed or boiled or stir-fried or used raw in coleslaw.

Useful Words

Borecole : کرم کلہ , Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus : سٹریپ نما گردن کا عضلہ جو سٹرنم اور ہنسلی کی ہڈی سے نکل کر ٹمپورل ہڈی کے مسٹائڈ زائدہ میں لگا ہوتا ہے , Cabbage : کرمکلہ , Coleslaw : کدوکش کی ہوئی بند گوبی , Brassica Oleracea Botrytis : پھول گوبھی , Cole : بند گوبھی , Cabbage Butterfly : گوبھی کا کیڑا , Cabinet : کابینہ , Hobnail : جوتے کی کیل , Jewfish : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Tack : کوکا , Head Crash : ہارڈ ڈسک کا ہیڈ خراب ہونا , Acephalous : جس کا سر نہ ہو , Cos : سلاد کی ایک قسم , Headless : بغیر سر کا , Clout : کوکا , Macrocephalic : سر کا بڑ جانا , Common Morel : گچھی مشروم , Rake : دانتوں والا اوزار , Gnu : بڑے سینگ والا جانور , Flathead Catfish : امریکی مچھلی , Hog Snapper : سور کی شکل کی مچھلی , Cassowary : پیل مرغ , American Eagle : امریکی عقاب , Prickly-Seeded Spinach : پالک , Sphinx : ابوالہول , Mock Turtle Soup : بچھڑےکے گوشت کی یخنی , Bird Of Minerva : الو , Peacock : نر مور , Bladdernose : بحری ہاتھی , Remora : ایک قسم کی مچھلی

Useful Words Definitions

Borecole: a hardy cabbage with coarse curly leaves that do not form a head.

Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus: one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; turns head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together they flex the neck and extend the head.

Cabbage: any of various types of cabbage.

Coleslaw: basically shredded cabbage.

Brassica Oleracea Botrytis: a plant having a large edible head of crowded white flower buds.

Cole: coarse curly-leafed cabbage.

Cabbage Butterfly: white butterfly whose larvae (cabbageworms) feed on cabbage.

Cabinet: persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers.

Hobnail: a short nail with a thick head; used to protect the soles of boots.

Jewfish: large dark grouper with a thick head and rough scales.

Tack: a short nail with a sharp point and a large head.

Head Crash: (computer science) a crash of a read/write head in a hard disk drive (usually caused by contact of the head with the surface of the magnetic disk).

Acephalous: lacking a head or a clearly defined head.

Cos: lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head.

Headless: not having a head or formed without a head.

Clout: a short nail with a flat head; used to attach sheet metal to wood.

Macrocephalic: having an exceptionally large head and brain.

Common Morel: an edible and choice morel with a globular to elongate head with an irregular pattern of pits and ridges.

Rake: a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil.

Gnu: large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail.

Flathead Catfish: large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw.

Hog Snapper: large wrasse of western Atlantic; head of male resembles a pig`s snout.

Cassowary: large black flightless bird of Australia and New Guinea having a horny head crest.

American Eagle: a large eagle of North America that has a white head and dark wings and body.

Prickly-Seeded Spinach: southwestern Asian plant widely cultivated for its succulent edible dark green leaves.

Sphinx: one of a number of large stone statues with the body of a lion and the head of a man that were built by the ancient Egyptians.

Mock Turtle Soup: soup made from a calf's head or other meat in imitation of green turtle soup.

Bird Of Minerva: nocturnal bird of prey with hawk-like beak and claws and large head with front-facing eyes.

Peacock: male peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots.

Bladdernose: medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters.

Remora: marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects.

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