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Hedonic meaning in Urdu

Hedonic Sentence

A hedonic thrill.

Hedonic Synonyms

Hedonic Definitions

1) Hedonic, Epicurean, Hedonistic : لذیذ : (satellite adjective) devoted to pleasure.


Useful Words

Corinthian : وہ جس کا دماغ تفری میں لگتا ہو , Holiday : تعطیل , Bask : محظوظ ہونا , Unwelcome : جس کے آنے سے خوشی نہ ہو , Bound Up : مست , Profane : لادینی , Adhere : وابستہ , Home-Loving : گھریلو , Addict : شوقین , Archaeologic : آثار قدیمہ سے متعلق , Sheeprun : بھیڑوں کی چراگاہ , Field Day : گھر سے باہر تفریح , True : سچا , Contemplative : متفکر , Dialectology : زبان دانی , Glutton : پیٹو , Specialiser : کسی بھی کام کا ماہر , Agony Column : اخبار کا نجی کالم , Do-Gooder : فلاحی کام کرنے والا , Bucolic : چرواہے سے متعلق , Bon Vivant : شان و شوکت سے رہنے والا , Consecrated : مقدس , Preseason : تیاری کا دور , Enjoy : پسند ہونا , Gladfulness : خوشی , Delectation : لطف اندوزی کا عمل , Killjoy : بدمزگی پھیلانے والا , Excursion : تفریحی سفر کرنا , Holidaymaker : سیاح , Allhallows Eve : اکتیس اکتوبر کی موج مستی بھری شام جس میں بچے جن بھوت کی طرح حلیہ بناکر ایک دوسرے سے مذاق کر تے ہیں , Pleasantness : خوش نمائی

Useful Words Definitions

Corinthian: a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

Holiday: leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure.

Bask: derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in.

Unwelcome: not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure.

Bound Up: deeply devoted to.

Profane: not concerned with or devoted to religion.

Adhere: be a devoted follower or supporter.

Home-Loving: devoted to home duties and pleasures.

Addict: someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction.

Archaeologic: related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology.

Sheeprun: farm devoted to raising sheep.

Field Day: a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering.

True: devoted (sometimes fanatically) to a cause or concept or truth.

Contemplative: a person devoted to the contemplative life.

Dialectology: the branch of philology that is devoted to the study of dialects.

Glutton: a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess.

Specialiser: an expert who is devoted to one occupation or branch of learning.

Agony Column: a newspaper column devoted to personal problems.

Do-Gooder: someone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms.

Bucolic: relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle.

Bon Vivant: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink).

Consecrated: made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use.

Preseason: a period prior to the beginning of the regular season which is devoted to training and preparation.

Enjoy: get pleasure from.

Gladfulness: experiencing joy and pleasure.

Delectation: act of receiving pleasure from something.

Killjoy: someone who spoils the pleasure of others.

Excursion: a journey taken for pleasure.

Holidaymaker: someone who travels for pleasure.

Allhallows Eve: the evening of 31 October; often devoted to pranks played by young people dressing up as ghost and wearing masks.

Pleasantness: the quality of giving pleasure.

Related Words

Indulgent : مہربان

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