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Historiographer meaning in Urdu

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1) Historiographer, Historian : مورخ, تاریخ دان : (noun) a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it.

Related : Annalist : a historian who writes annals. Chronicler : someone who writes chronicles. Student : a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines.

Useful Words

Annalist : داستان نگار : a historian who writes annals.

Stubbs, William Stubbs : انگریز تاریخ دان : English historian noted for his constitutional history of medieval England (1825-1901).

Biographer : سوانح نگار : someone who writes an account of a person's life.

Huckster : ریڈیو اور ٹی وی کے لئے اشتہار لکھنے والا : a person who writes radio or tv advertisements.

Lyricist, Lyrist : غنائی نظمیں یا گانے لکھنے والا : a person who writes the words for songs.

Drawer : چیک لکھنے والا : the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else.

Coder, Computer Programmer, Programmer, Software Engineer : کمپیوٹر پروگرام بنانے والا : a person who designs and writes and tests computer programs. "My son is a software engineer".

Chapter : دور : any distinct period in history or in a person's life. "The industrial revolution opened a new chapter in British history".

Lord, Master, Overlord : حاکم : a person who has general authority over others.

Adjudicator : قاضی : a person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes.

Allocator, Distributor : تقسیم کرنے والا : a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion.

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