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Hoax 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Hoax in Sentences

Make-money-fast scheme is a hoax. Elton John hoaxed by pranksters pretending to be Putin.

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Hoax in Detail

1 of 2. فریب Faraib دھوکہ Dhuka : Dupery Fraud Fraudulence Humbug Put-On Hoax : (noun) something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage.

Make-money-fast scheme is a hoax.

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2 of 2. دھوکہ کھانا Dhuka Khana : Play A Joke On Pull Someone's Leg Hoax : (verb) subject to a playful hoax or joke.

Elton John hoaxed by pranksters pretending to be Putin.

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Hoax in Book Titles

Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture.
Hoax: Hitler`s Diaries, Lincoln`s Assassins, and Other Famous Frauds.
Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War.
The Great Art Hoax: Essays in the Comedy and Insanity of Collectible Art.

Useful Words

Advantage Reward : فائدہ Faida : benefit resulting from some event or action. "It turned out to my advantage"

Cozen Deceive Delude Lead On : دھوکا ہونا Dhuka Hona : be false to; be dishonest with. "You are all deluded"

Consider Debate Deliberate Moot Turn Over : سوچنا Sochna : think about carefully; weigh. "They considered the possibility of a strike"

Derive Gain : حاصل کرنا Hasil Karna : obtain. "What would I gain?"

Jest Jocularity Joke : مذاق Mazaq : activity characterized by good humor. "You joke a lot"

Playful : چنچل Chanchal : full of fun and high spirits. "Playful children just let loose from school"

Something : کوئی چیز Koi Cheez : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

Subject : ذد میں لانا Zd Men Lana : cause to experience or suffer or make liable or vulnerable to. "He subjected me to his awful poetry"

Hanky Panky Hocus-Pocus Jiggery-Pokery Skulduggery Skullduggery Slickness Trickery : فریب Faraib : verbal misrepresentation intended to take advantage of you in some way.

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