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Hoodoo meaning in Urdu

Hoodoo Sentence

Hoodoo spells are similar to other forms of witchcraft.

Hoodoo Synonyms


Hoodoo Definitions

1 of 2) Hoodoo, Fetich, Fetish, Juju, Voodoo : جادو, منتر : (noun) a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.

2 of 2) Hoodoo : منہوس : (noun) something believed to bring bad luck.

Useful Words

Witch Doctor : پیر , Faerie : خیالی مخلوق , Charm : چھو منتر , Conjuration : جادو , Ginseng : خوشبو دار جڑ والی چینی جری بوٹی , Mores : رواج , Cute : حسین , Debonair : خوش اخلاق , Unlovely : خوبصورتی کے بغیر , Unattractive : جس میں کشش نا ہو , Charm : راغب کرلینا , Winsomeness : دلکشی , Animal Magnetism : جادو , Ungracious : ناخوشگوار , Attractive : دل کش , Drab : بے لطف , As If By Magic : جادوئی انداز میں , Bewitchment : سحر , Allure : لالچ , Open Sesame : علی بابا کا منتر , Potion : رقیق دوا , Ritualism : رسوم پرستی , Conjuration : شعبدہ بازی , Lycanthropy : خود کو بھیڑیا سمجھنا پاگل پن کی ایک قسم , Amulet : تعویذ , Black Art : کالا جادو , Aircraft Engine : ہوائی جہاز کا انجن , Magic : جادو , Pythoness : جادو گرنی عورت , Board : نگراں کمیٹی , Charming : جادو

Useful Words Definitions

Witch Doctor: someone who is believed to heal through magical powers.

Faerie: a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers.

Charm: a verbal formula believed to have magical force.

Conjuration: a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect.

Ginseng: Chinese herb with palmately compound leaves and small greenish flowers and forked aromatic roots believed to have medicinal powers.

Mores: (sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group.

Cute: obviously contrived to charm.

Debonair: having a sophisticated charm.

Unlovely: without beauty or charm.

Unattractive: lacking beauty or charm.

Charm: induce into action by using one`s charm.

Winsomeness: childlike charm or appeal.

Animal Magnetism: magnetic personal charm.

Ungracious: lacking charm and good taste.

Attractive: pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm.

Drab: lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise.

As If By Magic: in a magical manner.

Bewitchment: a magical spell.

Allure: the power to entice or attract through personal charm.

Open Sesame: a magical command; used by Ali Baba.

Potion: a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage.

Ritualism: the study of religious or magical rites and ceremonies.

Conjuration: an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers.

Lycanthropy: (folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf.

Amulet: a trinket or piece of jewelry usually hung about the neck and thought to be a magical protection against evil or disease.

Black Art: the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world.

Aircraft Engine: the engine that powers an aircraft.

Magic: any art that invokes supernatural powers.

Pythoness: a witch with powers of divination.

Board: a committee having supervisory powers.

Charming: possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers.

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Object : چیز

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