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Hopeless   Meaning in Urdu

Hopeless in Sentences

In an agony of hopeless grief. I\'m hopeless at mathematics.

Close to Hopeless

1. Hopeless : نا امید : (adjective) without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success.

In an agony of hopeless grief.
With a hopeless sigh he sat down.

Black, Bleak, Dim - offering little or no hope.

2. Hopeless : اناڑی : of a person unable to do something skillfully.

I'm hopeless at mathematics.

Unskilled - not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency.

3. Hopeless : مایوس کن : certain to fail.

The situation is hopeless.

Related Words

Hope Chest - Wedding Chest : جہیز کا صندوق : chest for storage of clothing (trousseau) and household goods in anticipation of marriage. "How much does wedding chest cost?"

Hope : آس : a specific instance of feeling hopeful. "He is hoping"

Useful Words

Because : کیونکہ : For the reason that. "I bought this painting because it`s so nice"

Comfort - Comfortableness : آرام : a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain. "He is a man who enjoys his comfort"

Do - Execute - Perform : کرنا : carry out or perform an action. "I did it in a flash"

Desire - Hope - Trust : توقع کرنا : expect and wish. "I trust you will behave better from now on"

No : انکار : a negative. "No buddy"

Individual - Mortal - Person - Somebody - Someone - Soul : شخص : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Possibility - Possibleness : امکان : capability of existing or happening or being true. "There is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"

Appear - Look - Seem : لگنا : give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect. "How does she seem to you?"

Skilfully - Skillfully : مہارت کے ساتھ : with skill. "Fragments of a nearly complete jug, skillfully restored at the institute of archaeology"

Something : کوئی چیز : An undetermined or unspecified thing. "Lets have something"

Success : کامیابی : an attainment that is successful. "He (Allah) will bless us with success"

Unable : قابل نا ہونا : (usually followed by `to') not having the necessary means or skill or know-how. "Unable to get to town without a car"

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