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Horse-Drawn Vehicle meaning in Urdu

Horse-Drawn Vehicle Sentence

A horse drawn vehicle is a mechanized piece of equipment pulled by one horse or by a team of horses.

Horse-Drawn Vehicle Definitions

1) Horse-Drawn Vehicle : گھوڑا گاڑی : (noun) a wheeled vehicle drawn by one or more horses.


Useful Words

Hearse : جنازہ گاڑی , Carriage : گھوڑا گاڑی , Surrey : ایک قسم کی چار پہیوں والی گاڑی , Gig : تانگہ , Cab : بگھی , Kickstand : کیک اسٹینڈ , Buggy : پرانے زمانے کی گہوڑا گاڑی , Horse Cart : گھوڑا گاڑی , Chariot : گہوڑا گاڑی , Chaise : ایک قسم کی گاڑی , Droshky : روس اور پولینڈ میں استعمال ہونے والے گہوڑا گاڑی , Buckboard : گھوڑا گاڑی , Barouche : چار پہیوں والی بگھی , Pole Horse : گہوڑا گاڑی میں جتا ہوا گہوڑا , Highjacking : اغواء , Waggon : ویگن گاڑی , Horsecar : گھوڑا گاڑی , Roll : گزرنا , Car Door : گاڑی کا دروازہ , Cart : ٹھیلا , Car : ریل گاڑی , Scooter : عمودی دستوں والی دو پہیوں کی سواری , House Trailer : ٹریلر , Streetcar : بجلی سے چلنے والی گاڑی , Bicycle : سائیکل , Tractor : ٹریکٹر , Carrier : مال بردار , Engine : ریل گاڑی کا انجن , Motor Scooter : اسکوٹر , Sled : لکڑی کے پہیوں والی گاڑی جس جو جانور چلاتے ہیں , Far : سیدھی طرف

Useful Words Definitions

Hearse: a vehicle for carrying a coffin to a church or a cemetery; formerly drawn by horses but now usually a motor vehicle.

Carriage: a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses.

Surrey: a light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; has two or four seats.

Gig: small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and no hood.

Cab: small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood.

Kickstand: a swiveling metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle; the rod lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position as a support to hold the vehicle upright when it is not being ridden.

Buggy: a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse.

Horse Cart: heavy cart; drawn by a horse; used for farm work.

Chariot: a light four-wheel horse-drawn ceremonial carriage.

Chaise: a carriage consisting of two wheels and a calash top; drawn by a single horse.

Droshky: an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; formerly used in Poland and Russia.

Buckboard: an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; has a seat attached to a flexible board between the two axles.

Barouche: a horse-drawn carriage having four wheels; has an outside seat for the driver and facing inside seats for two couples and a folding top.

Pole Horse: a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle.

Highjacking: robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force.

Waggon: any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor.

Horsecar: an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses.

Roll: move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle.

Car Door: A car door is an essential vehicle component designed to provide access to the interior of an automobile. It typically swings open and shut, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.

Cart: wheeled vehicle that can be pushed by a person; may have one or two or four wheels.

Car: a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad.

Scooter: child's two-wheeled vehicle operated by foot.

House Trailer: a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy.

Streetcar: a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity.

Bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals.

Tractor: a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications.

Carrier: a self-propelled wheeled vehicle designed specifically to carry something.

Engine: a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks.

Motor Scooter: a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel.

Sled: a vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow.

Far: being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.

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