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Hyperpyrexia   Meaning in Urdu

1. Hyperpyrexia : تیز بخار خاص کر بچوں میں : (noun) extremely high fever (especially in children).

Hyperthermia, Hyperthermy - abnormally high body temperature; sometimes induced (as in treating some forms of cancer).

Hyperpyrexia in Book Titles

Malignant hyperpyrexia: a review.
On the Treatment of Hyperpyrexia as Illustrated in Acute Articular Rheumatism by Means of the External Application of Cold.

Useful Words

Especially - Particularly - Peculiarly - Specially : خاص طور پر : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling"

Extremely - Highly : نہایت : to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect. "Highly successful"

Febricity - Febrility - Fever - Feverishness - Pyrexia : بخار : a rise in the temperature of the body; frequently a symptom of infection. "The fever hasn`t come down yet"

High : زیادہ : a lofty level or position or degree. "You are bidding high"

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