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التجا کرنا : Iltija Karna Meaning in English

Iltija Karna Sentence

Iltija Karna Synonyms


Iltija Karna in Detail

1 of 7) فریاد کرنا التجا کرنا : Importune Insist : (verb) beg persistently and urgently.

2 of 7) عرض التماس اپیل کرنا : Appeal Entreaty Prayer : (noun) earnest or urgent request.

3 of 7) طلب کرنا درخواست کرنا التجا کرنا : Bespeak Call For Quest Request : (verb) express the need or desire for; ask for.

4 of 7) التجا کرنا التماس کرنا منت سماجت کرنا : Beg Implore Pray : (verb) call upon in supplication; entreat.

5 of 7) التجا کرنا منت کرنا : Adjure Beseech Bid Conjure Entreat Press : (verb) ask for or request earnestly.

6 of 7) التجا کرنا : Supplicate : (verb) make a humble, earnest petition.

7 of 7) التجا کرنا : Crave : (verb) plead or ask for earnestly.

Useful Words

بھیک مانگنا : Beg : ask to obtain free. "Begging industry".

بیعانہ : Earnest : something of value given by one person to another to bind a contract.

ثابت قدمانہ طور پر : Persistently : in a persistent manner. "Police raided the killer`s house but did not find him, but police persistently patrolled his home and were eventually apprehended".

التجا : Petition : a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority. "Due to repeated court dates, he submitted a petition to the court to release him as soon as possible".

فوری : Pressing : compelling immediate action. "Too pressing to permit of longer delay".

فوری طور پر : Desperately : with great urgency. "Health care reform is needed urgently".

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