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Immediate meaning in Urdu

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The immediate revisions.
Immediate contact.

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Immediate in Detail

1 of 3) Immediate : زمانہ حال : (satellite adjective) of the present time and place.

Related : Present : temporal sense; intermediate between past and future; now existing or happening or in consideration.


2 of 3) Immediate, Contiguous : قریبی : (satellite adjective) very close or connected in space or time.

The immediate vicinity.
The immediate past.

3 of 3) Immediate, Prompt, Quick, Straightaway : فوری, بغیر تاخیر کے, فوراً : (satellite adjective) performed with little or no delay.

An immediate reply to my letter.

Related : Fast : acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly.

Useful Words

Here : اس جگہ : the present location; this place. "You will feel good having come here".

Yet : ابھی : up to the present time. "You haven`t reached puberty yet".

Today : آج : the present time or age. "It`s hot today isn`t it?".

Recency, Recentness : حالیہ : a time immediately before the present.

Debut : پہلی بار پیش کرنا : present for the first time to the public. "The band debuts a new song or two each year".

Contemporary, Present-Day : آج کے دور کا : occurring to the present time. "Contemporary mind".

Currency, Currentness, Up-To-Dateness : رائج الوقت : the property of belonging to the present time. "The currency of a slang term".

Late, Recent : حالیہ : of the immediate past or just previous to the present time. "A late development".

Current : موجودہ : occurring in or belonging to the present time. "Current events".

Times : زمانہ : a more or less definite period of time now or previously present. "Times have changed now".

As Yet, Heretofore, Hitherto, So Far, Thus Far, Til Now, Until Now, Up To Now, Yet : ابھی تک : used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. "He would have come until now".

Diaspora : یہود کا فلسطین سے نکل جانا : the dispersion of the Jews outside Israel; from the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 587-86 BC when they were exiled to Babylonia up to the present time.

Ahead : آگے کرنا : to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future). "Moved the appointment ahead from Tuesday to Monday".

Blistering, Hot, Red-Hot : بہت تیز : very fast; capable of quick response and great speed. "A hot sports car".

Omnipresent, Ubiquitous : بیک وقت ہر جگہ موجود : being present everywhere at once.

Bestow, Confer : عطا کرنا : present. "Finally Allah bestow them a son".

Ever-Present : ہمیشہ حاضر ہونے والا : being always present. "Ever-present power".

Tomorrow : آج کے بعد آنے والا دن : the next day, the day after, following the present day. "So that you won`t have to study it tomorrow".

Rehash : دہرانا : present or use over, with no or few changes.

At Present, Now : اس وقت : at the present moment. "Goods now on sale".

Offer, Offer Up : عبادت کرنا : present as an act of worship. "Did you offer Salah ?".

Bidding, Summons : درخواست : a request to be present. "Summons officer".

Prox, Proximo : آنے والا مہینہ : in or of the next month after the present. "Scheduled for the 6th prox".

Ache, Languish, Pine, Yearn, Yen : ترسنا : have a desire for something or someone who is not present. "I have a stomach ache because I ate a rotten egg today I need to see a doctor".

Shadow, Tincture, Trace, Vestige : سراغ : an indication that something has been present. "There wasn't a trace of evidence for the claim".

Inst, Instant : ماہ حال : in or of the present month. "Your letter of the 10th inst".

Away : غیر موجود : not present; having left. "He's away right now".

Any Longer, Anymore : اب : at the present or from now on; usually used with a negative. "Alice doesn`t live here anymore".

Now : اب : the momentary present. "What is to be done now?".

Actually : فی الوقت : at the present moment. "The transmission screen shows the picture that is actually on the air".

Absence : غیر حاضری : failure to be present.

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