1. Impress : متاثر کرنا : (Verb) Impress positively.

Who you wanna impress?
The young chess player impressed her audience.

Wow - impress greatly.

2. Impress, Imprint : نقش کرنا - مہر لگانا : (Verb) Mark or stamp with or as if with pressure.

To make a batik, you impress a design with wax.

3. Impress, Print : چھاپنا : (Verb) Reproduce by printing.

Set, Typeset - set in type.

If - اگر - On the condition that; "Even if it fell off".

Impress, Imprint - نقش کرنا - mark or stamp with or as if with pressure; "To make a batik, you impress a design with wax".

Crisscross, Cross, Mark - لہریا - a marking that consists of lines that cross each other.

Positively - قطعی طور پر - extremely; "it was positively monumental".

Press, Pressing, Pressure - دبانے کا عمل - the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure; "he gave the button a press".

Seal, Stamp - مہر - a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents.

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