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In Demand meaning in Urdu

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In Demand Definitions

1) In Demand, Coveted, Desired, Sought After : جس کی خواہش کی جائے : (satellite adjective) greatly desired.

Useful Words

Wanted : مطلوب , Longed-For : خواہش , Want : چاہنا , Claim : مطالبہ , Call Loan : عندالطلب قرض , Ultimatum : آخری انتباہ , Ask : درخواست کرنا , Arrogate : مطالبہ کرنا , Note : بیاض , Basic : ملکی خاص پیدا وار , Callable : قابل طلب , Due : واجب الادا رقم , Scarce : ناکافی , Encore : تماشائیوں کے اسرار پر دوبارہ کوئی کام کرنا , Hot Issue : حصص کی ابتدائی نیلامی , Undesired : بے طلب , Desire : چاہت , Load-Shedding : بجلی کی کمی , Satisfactoriness : تسلی , Desideratum : مطلوب , Passion : بے حد شوق , Plundering : لوٹ , Excess : اضافی , Accommodate : انتظام کرنا , Commercial Bank : تجارتی بینک , Aim : کسی طرف جانا , Pare : کنارے کاٹنا , Fit : درست ہونا , Act : کام کرنا , Unfinished : ادھورا , Inefficient : مطلوبہ نتائج نہ ملنا

Useful Words Definitions

Wanted: desired or wished for or sought.

Longed-For: greatly desired.

Want: wish or demand the presence of.

Claim: demand for something as rightful or due.

Call Loan: a loan that is repayable on demand.

Ultimatum: a final peremptory demand.

Ask: make a request or demand for something to somebody.

Arrogate: demand as being one's due or property; assert one's right or title to.

Note: a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time.

Basic: (usually plural) a necessary commodity for which demand is constant.

Callable: subject to a demand for payment before due date.

Due: owed and payable immediately or on demand.

Scarce: deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand.

Encore: an extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand.

Hot Issue: newly issued stock that is in great public demand.

Undesired: not desired.

Desire: something that is desired.

Load-Shedding: cutting off the electric current on certain lines when the demand becomes greater than the supply.

Satisfactoriness: the quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement.

Desideratum: something desired as a necessity.

Passion: something that is desired intensely.

Plundering: given to taking by force what is desired.

Excess: more than is needed, desired, or required.

Accommodate: provide with something desired or needed.

Commercial Bank: a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public.

Aim: move into a desired direction of discourse.

Pare: remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size.

Fit: be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired.

Act: have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected.

Unfinished: not brought to the desired final state.

Inefficient: not producing desired results; wasteful.

In Demand in Book Titles

Over 65 and Still in Demand.
Man in Demand.

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