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Buy The Farm : وفات پانا , Regenerate : دوبارہ پیدا ہونا , Devitalise : بے جان کرنا , Afterlife : آخرت , Lifelong : طویل , Kill : جان لینا , Be : زندہ رہنا , Neonatal Period : زندگی کے پہلے دن , Azoic : حیات سے پہلے , Alive : زندہ , Kill : قتل , Age : زندگی کا آخری دور , Generative : تولیدی , Area : شعبہ , Alive : پرجوش , Psychological Science : علم نفسیات , Air Jacket : جان بچانے والی جیکٹ , Renascent : پھر سے تازہ دم , Animate : توانا کرنا , Ascend : ترقی پانا , Contentment : اطمینان , Revitalise : دوبارہ زندگی دینا , Sector : شعبہ , Days : دور , Hostile : مخالف , Invigorate : زندگی اور توانائی بخشنا , Living : حقیقت نما , Countrified : دیہاتی , Villager : دیہاتی , Lively : زندگی سے بھرپور , Hereafter : آنے والی زندگی

Useful Words Definitions

Buy The Farm: pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.

Regenerate: return to life; get or give new life or energy.

Devitalise: sap of life or energy.

Afterlife: life after death.

Lifelong: continuing through life.

Kill: deprive of life.

Be: have life, be alive.

Neonatal Period: the first 28 days of life.

Azoic: before the appearance of life.

Alive: possessing life.

Kill: the act of terminating a life.

Age: a late time of life.

Generative: producing new life or offspring.

Area: a particular environment or walk of life.

Alive: having life or vigor or spirit.

Psychological Science: the science of mental life.

Air Jacket: an inflatable life jacket.

Renascent: rising again as to new life and vigor.

Animate: give new life or energy to.

Ascend: move to a better position in life or to a better job.

Contentment: happiness with one's situation in life.

Revitalise: give new life or vigor to.

Sector: a particular aspect of life or activity.

Days: the time during which someone`s life continues.

Hostile: very unfavorable to life or growth.

Invigorate: give life or energy to.

Living: true to life; lifelike.

Countrified: characteristic of rural life.

Villager: one who has lived in a village most of their life.

Lively: full of life and energy.

Hereafter: in a future life or state.

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