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Infectious 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Infectious Sentence

Fear is exceedingly infectious; children catch it from their elders.

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Infectious in Detail

1/2) Mutedi متعدی Wabai وبائی : Infective Infectious : caused by infection or capable of causing infection.

Related : Septic : containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms.


2/2) Choot Wala چھوت والا : Infectious : (adjective) easily spread.

Related : Transmittable : (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection.

Useful Words

Capable : Ahal اہل : (usually followed by `of`) having capacity or ability. "You guys let Imran drive He is capable in driving in hilly area"

Causation Causing : Waja وجہ : the act of causing something to happen.

Easily Easy : Aasani Kay Sath آسانی کے ساتھ : with ease (`easy` is sometimes used informally for `easily`). "I get scared pretty easily"

Infection : Mutedi Marz متعدی مرض : the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms. "Then I got an infection"

Spread : Bachana بچھانا : cover by spreading something over. "Spread the sheet here"

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