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Insignificant meaning in Urdu

Insignificant Synonym

Insignificant Definitions

1) Insignificant, Undistinguished : حقیر, غیر اہم : (satellite adjective) not worthy of notice.


Useful Words

Dinky : معمولی , Pip-Squeak : وہ جو چھوٹا اور غیر اہم ہو , Technicality : تکنیکی , Minimise : مختصر کرنا , Trivialise : بے قدر کرنا , Notable : قابل قدر , Noteworthy : قابل ذکر , Herd : بھیڑ , Mark : دھیان دینا , Noticer : نوٹس لینے والا , Patent : عیاں کرنا , Imperativeness : دباو , Marching Orders : موقوفی کا حکم نامہ , Ostentatious : پر نمود , Proclamation : باضابطہ اعلان , Attentiveness : دھیان , Necrology : موت کا نوٹس , Resignation : استعفی , Time Deposit : میعادی کھاتہ , Deserve : مستحق ہونا , Dependable : کھرا , Blessed : مقدس , Model : کوئی شخص جو مثال یا نمونے کے لئے پیش کیا جائے , Deserving : لائق , Worthily : شایان شان طور پر , Untrustworthy : ناقابل بھروسا , Acceptable : قابل قبول , Dependable : پختہ , Curio : نادر شئے , Hallowed : پاک کردہ , Creditable : قابل قدر

Useful Words Definitions

Dinky: small and insignificant.

Pip-Squeak: someone who is small and insignificant.

Technicality: a detail that is considered insignificant.

Minimise: make small or insignificant.

Trivialise: make trivial or insignificant.

Notable: worthy of notice.

Noteworthy: worthy of notice.

Herd: a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things.

Mark: notice or perceive.

Noticer: someone who takes notice.

Patent: make open to sight or notice.

Imperativeness: the state of demanding notice or attention.

Marching Orders: (informal) a notice of dismissal or discharge.

Ostentatious: intended to attract notice and impress others.

Proclamation: the formal act of proclaiming; giving public notice.

Attentiveness: paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people).

Necrology: a notice of someone's death; usually includes a short biography.

Resignation: a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign.

Time Deposit: a certificate of deposit from which withdrawals can be made only after advance notice or at a specified future date.

Deserve: be worthy or deserving.

Dependable: worthy of being depended on.

Blessed: worthy of worship.

Model: someone worthy of imitation.

Deserving: worthy of being treated in a particular way.

Worthily: in a worthy manner; with worthiness.

Untrustworthy: not worthy of trust or belief.

Acceptable: worthy of acceptance or satisfactory.

Dependable: worthy of reliance or trust.

Curio: something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting.

Hallowed: worthy of religious veneration.

Creditable: worthy of often limited commendation.

Related Words

Unnoticeable : ناقابل توجہ

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