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1) Invader, Encroacher : حملہ آور, چڑھائی کرنے والا : (noun) someone who enters by force in order to conquer.


Useful Words

Attila : رومی سلطنت پر چڑھائی کرنے والا جرمن بادشاہ , Counterattack : جوابی حملہ , Push : دھکیلنا , Highjacker : طیارہ اغوا کرنے والا , Battle Of Thermopylae : ایک جنگ , Entrant : داخل ہونے والا , Subcontractor : ذیلی ٹھیکیدار , Guerilla : چھاپہ مار , Counteroffensive : جوابی حملہ , Duty : فرض , Interfere : مداخلت کرنا , Burglar : چور , Cat Burglar : چور , Acheta Assimilis : کالا جھینگر , Neutron : برقیہ جن پر کوئی برقی بار نہ ہو , Airborne Transmission : ہوائی انتقال , Dibbuk : یہودی عقیدے کے مطابق زندہ شخص میں داخل ہو نے والی مردہ شخص کی روح , Iris : آنکھ کی پتلی , Composite Order : رومی ستون , Operative : موثر , Compel : مجبور کرنا , Foist : بوج دوسرے پر ڈالنا , Keep Down : زیر اثر رکھنا , Commandeer : اغواء کرنا , Deposit : رکھنا , Fend : مزاحمت کرنا , Coldcock : مار گرانا , Drift : بہاوٴ , Bull : دھونس جمانا , Coercion : جبر , Hands : افرادی قوت

Useful Words Definitions

Attila: king of the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire (406-453).

Counterattack: an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc..

Push: the act of applying force in order to move something away.

Highjacker: someone who uses force to take over a vehicle (especially an airplane) in order to reach an alternative destination.

Battle Of Thermopylae: a famous battle in 480 BC; a Greek army under Leonidas was annihilated by the Persians who were trying to conquer Greece.

Entrant: someone who enters.

Subcontractor: someone who enters into a subcontract with the primary contractor.

Guerilla: a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment.

Counteroffensive: a large scale offensive (more than a counterattack) undertaken by a defending force to seize the initiative from an attacking force.

Duty: the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force.

Interfere: get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force.

Burglar: a thief who enters a building with intent to steal.

Cat Burglar: a burglar who unlawfully breaks into and enters another person`s house.

Acheta Assimilis: common American black cricket; attacks crops and also enters dwellings.

Neutron: an elementary particle with 0 charge and mass about equal to a proton; enters into the structure of the atomic nucleus.

Airborne Transmission: a transmission mechanism in the which the infectious agent is spread as an aerosol and usually enters a person through the respiratory tract.

Dibbuk: (Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body`s behavior.

Iris: muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye; it forms the colored portion of the eye.

Composite Order: a Roman order that combines the Corinthian acanthus leaves with the spiral scrolls of the Ionic order.

Operative: being in force or having or exerting force.

Compel: force somebody to do something.

Foist: to force onto another.

Keep Down: put down by force or intimidation.

Commandeer: take arbitrarily or by force.

Deposit: put, fix, force, or implant.

Fend: withstand the force of something.

Coldcock: knock down with force.

Drift: a force that moves something along.

Bull: push or force.

Coercion: using force to cause something to occur.

Hands: the force of workers available.

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Interloper : دخل دینے والا

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