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جدوجہد : Jaddojahad Meaning in English

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1 of 3) کوشش جدوجہد : Nisus Pains Strain Striving : (noun) an effortful attempt to attain a goal.

2 of 3) جدوجہد جدوجہد کرنا کوشش کرنا : Battle Struggle : (noun) an energetic attempt to achieve something.

3 of 3) جدوجہد : Endeavor Endeavour Enterprise : (noun) a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness).

Useful Words

کامیاب ہو جانا : Bring Home The Bacon , بحث کرنے والا : Agonistic , حسرت بھرا : Aspirant , شریک : Associate , حاصل ترنا : Come To , شراکت دار : Collaborator , پر سکون : Relaxed , بنا جدوجہد : Casual , ضبط نفس : Aplomb , موچ : Pull , تجسس سے دیکھنا : Rubberneck , کام سے آزادی : Ease , ذہنی بوج کم کرنا : Unbend , حاصل کرنے کی کوشش : Bid , زہنی دباو : Stress , تھک جانا : Fag , دباو : Stress , دہشت گردی : Act Of Terrorism , کوشش کرنا : Give It A Try , کوئی چیز پانے کی کوشش کرنا : Go For , اکسانے والی بات : Goad , کوشش کرنا : Assay , جدوجہد کرنا : Endeavor , کھیل کا گول : Goal , کھلم کھلا : Blatant , ماہر طبیعیات ہووکی کا قانون : Hooke's Law , ناتوانی : Weakness , نئی پرابندی : Redeployment , تحقیق کرنا : Research , اکڑ کر چلنا : Cock , منزل پر : All The Way

Useful Words Definitions

Bring Home The Bacon: attain success or reach a desired goal.

Agonistic: striving to overcome in argument.

Aspirant: desiring or striving for recognition or advancement.

Associate: a person who joins with others in some activity or endeavor.

Come To: attain.

Collaborator: an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest.

Relaxed: without strain or anxiety.

Casual: not showing effort or strain.

Aplomb: great coolness and composure under strain.

Pull: a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments.

Rubberneck: strain to watch; stare curiously.

Ease: freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).

Unbend: release from mental strain, tension, or formality.

Bid: an attempt to get something.

Stress: (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense.

Fag: exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress.

Stress: (physics) force that produces strain on a physical body.

Act Of Terrorism: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

Give It A Try: make an attempt at something.

Go For: make an attempt at achieving something.

Goad: a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something.

Assay: make an effort or attempt.

Endeavor: attempt by employing effort.

Goal: a successful attempt at scoring.

Blatant: without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious.

Hooke's Law: (physics) the principle that (within the elastic limit) the stress applied to a solid is proportional to the strain produced.

Weakness: the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain.

Redeployment: the withdrawal and redistribution of forces in an attempt to use them more effectively.

Research: attempt to find out in a systematically and scientific manner.

Cock: to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others.

All The Way: to the goal.

Related Words

اقدام : Attempt , پھڈا : Scramble , منصوبہ : Labor , تجارتی سرگرمی : Business Activity

Close Words

جدوجہد کرنے والا : Hard Worker , جدوجہد کرنے والا : Scrambler , جدوجہد کرنے والا : Struggler

Close Words Definitions

Hard Worker: someone who works as hard as a slave.

Scrambler: a rapid mover; someone who scrambles.

Struggler: a person who struggles with difficulties or with great effort.

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