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Jarful meaning in Urdu

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Jarful in Detail

1) Jarful, Jar : مرتبان بھر : (noun) the quantity contained in a jar.

Related : Containerful : the quantity that a container will hold.

Useful Words

Keg, Kegful : چھوٹا ڈول : the quantity contained in a keg.

Bin, Binful : ڈبا بھر : the quantity contained in a bin.

Box, Boxful : ڈبہ بھر : the quantity contained in a box. "He gave her a box of chocolates".

Carton, Cartonful : کارٹن بھر : the quantity contained in a carton.

Sack, Sackful : مقدار جو ایک بورے میں آ جائے : the quantity contained in a sack.

Bottle, Bottleful : بوتل بھر : the quantity contained in a bottle.

Bucket, Bucketful : بالٹی بھر : the quantity contained in a bucket.

Case, Caseful : ڈبہ بھر : the quantity contained in a case.

Armful : بازو بھر : the quantity that can be contained in the arms.

Basket, Basketful : ٹوکری بھر : the quantity contained in a basket.

Bowl, Bowlful : پیالہ بھر : the quantity contained in a bowl.

Enough, Sufficiency : مناسب تعداد : an adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose. "Enough is as good as a feast".

Capacity, Content : گنجائش : the amount that can be contained. "The gas tank has a capacity of 12 gallons".

Thing : چیز : a separate and self-contained entity.

Deflate : کسی شے کی بھری ہوئی ہوا نکالنا : collapse by releasing contained air or gas. "Deflate a balloon".

Arterial : شریانی : of or involving or contained in the arteries. "Arterial disease".

Extraneous, Foreign : باہر سے آیا ہوا : not belonging to that in which it is contained; introduced from an outside source. "Water free of extraneous matter".

Biblical, Scriptural : بائیبل کے مطابق : of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible. "Biblical names".

Cruise Missile : کروز میزائل : an unmanned aircraft that is a self-contained bomb.

Archival : دستاویزاتی : of or relating to or contained in or serving as an archive.

Maisonette, Maisonnette : چھوٹا گھر : a self-contained apartment (usually on two floors) in a larger house and with its own entrance from the outside.

Section, Subdivision : حصہ : a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical). "He always turns first to the business section".

Module : جز : a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components. "Module mini camera".

Heating Pad, Hot Pad : گرم دستہ : heater consisting of electrical heating elements contained in a flexible pad.

Space Heater : گیسی چولہا : heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room.

Membranous Labyrinth : کان کا اندرونی حصہ : the sensory structures of the inner ear including the labyrinthine receptors and the cochlea; contained within the bony labyrinth.

Aqua-Lung, Aqualung, Scuba : غوطہ خوروں کو سانس دلانے کا آلہ : a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Overabundance, Overmuch, Overmuchness, Superabundance : کثیر تعداد : a quantity that is more than what is appropriate. "Four-year-olds have an overabundance of energy".

Amount, Amount Of Money, Sum, Sum Of Money : رقم : a quantity of money. "He borrowed a large sum".

Lower Limit, Minimum : کم سے کم : the smallest possible quantity.

Aught, Cipher, Cypher, Goose Egg, Nada, Naught, Nil, Nix, Nothing, Null, Zero, Zilch, Zip, Zippo : کچھ نہیں : a quantity of no importance. "It`s nothing".